What is an Ad unit?

In its simplest form, an ad unit is a placeholder for an ad on a website or app. A publisher may have multiple ad units on a web page, each displaying specific ad types and ad sizes. The ad unit contains the ad code used to call ads from ad servers and show them to users. Below is an example of a site showing different ad unit locations on mobile and desktop devices.


Ad unit


An ad unit that integrates with ad developers in their apps and displays to users to monitor their traffic. There are many types of ad units, including banner ads, interstitial ads, reward video ads, offer wall ads, and playable ads. Each ad unit looks and behaves differently. The best advertising experiences offer a wide range of mobile advertising formats. Learn about bounce rate

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Ad format

Ad format


Visual enhancements to search for ads that more prominently display information about your business, such as your website domain by phone number or title. These improvements, which appear in ads rather than search results, may include additional content or related third-party content from your website. You can add these enhancements manually or add them through our automatic formatting system.

The most common types of ad format are ad extensions. Some examples of ad extensions include location extensions (which attach your business address to your ads) and site links (additional links to other parts of the relevant content from additional pages on your site).

Google’s automatic formatting systems display additional information from your website or other related third-party content.

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Google’s automated systems also help to highlight relevant information in your ads to assist people to find your business more easily. For example, in some ads above search results, if your first description line is a complete phrase or sentence, we will display a portion of your description in your title, resulting in a longer, more recognizable title. It still uses the words you choose. Advertising.


What is an Ad type?

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When you select the ad type for the ad unit, you are selecting the types of ads you want to allow users to show. When an ad unit requests an ad from AdMob, it only receives an ad that matches one of the specified ad types.

Image, Text, and Rich Media: Text, Image (learn about alt text), HTML5/Rich Media Ads. Can be text only, still images, animated images (.GIF), or rich media (such as interactive ads). Note: Animated images (.GIF) are not supported for local ads.

Video: Advertising with video and audio content. Video ads that appear on banner ad units always appear muted. Users can unmute the ad using the mute button provided by Google.

Interactive: Ads with an interactive element such as playable ads or surveys. Ad types are available depending on the ad format you choose when creating the ad unit.

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