When your footwear brand doesn’t meet the desires of its target market, its performance drops dramatically, and it becomes more difficult for you to succeed in the market. To prevent falling out of favor with their customer base and make good sales, every brand must offer the right products to the right customers.

However, even with the correct products, how you present your items also influences their appeal to your audience. For one, utilizing the wrong brand approach could hinder your footwear brand from reaching its full potential or having a good impact in the market.

Picking the right approach involves getting a tone and shoe brand name ideas that resonate with your core customer base. Therefore, you must have good knowledge of your target audience’s preferences, and one way to get that is through comprehensive market research.

And though most people downplay the value of meticulous market analysis and research because of how costly it is, they fail to see that it’s the only way to learn about their target audience and what would get their attention.

And here’s where we at Squadhelp come in. We understand how expensive and demanding market research can be and also how important it is to every business, so we decided to carry out market research so you wouldn’t need to do one yourself.

Why We Carried Out Our Survey?

Maintain a Uniform Brand Tone and Approach

We were interested in the kinds of businesses that are preferred among customers of various ages and the general brand tones that these age groups like and patronize.

Over the years, by experience from helping more than 35,000 businesses, we’ve found that matching your company’s name, identity, tone, and other branding components with your target market’s preferences is a sure way of increasing your footwear brand awareness.

And to attain the goal of our survey, we polled American customers to determine how much they preferred doing business with brands that utilized innovative and creative tones over those that centered on lasting and recognizable brand tones.

How Will This Study Affect Your Business?

Indepth research on footwear brand positioning

To start up or rebrand a company, one of the most significant decisions you and other business owners must make is choosing the appropriate brand positioning strategy for your business.

You must first figure out the kinds of business tones and products your target audience likes by researching them before developing an approach for brand positioning.

Your footwear business risks losing touch with its core clients if your brand tone doesn’t connect with them. You would also have little chance of expanding your firm into new areas without the backing of your core clientele.

Brand positioning necessitates thorough market research to get it right, and we’re confident the survey will help you position your brand perfectly. Now let’s proceed to the results of our research.

The Analysis of Our Findings

We divided the data we gathered into several age categories to make it easier to apply our data. The responses we received were intriguing, even though the poll results weren’t too unexpected.

The following are the findings from the 301 survey participants that offered feedback during our survey:

(Research images are courtesy of Squadhelp)

  • Buyers between the ages of 25 and 34 prefer businesses with a modern and fashionable touch, according to the responses we got from the poll.

image showing survey results

  • Customers between 35 and 45 like cutting-edge, contemporary company brands. However, both an innovative and a historic approach will work with this age group, given the closeness of the results.

customer survey for footwear brand - Mix With Marketing

  • Buyers between the ages of 45 and 54 will readily go for reliable, well-known business brands over newer ones.

customer survey for footwear brand

  • Clients between the ages of 55 and 65 are naturally drawn to older business brands

customer survey for footwear brand from age 55 to 65

  • Our polls show that men don’t have a clear preference for either new or existing business brands when presented with an option.

poll of men between historic and moderned footwears

  • Women, on the other hand, favor well-known, established business brands over innovative, start-up businesses.

poll of women between historic and moderned footwears

  • Among the 301 participants, 143 favored businesses with unique, creative business brand strategies, while 158 opted for well-known, traditional ones.

poll of footwear brand positioning

  • Pinpoint which age group your target market belongs to, then tailor your brand tone to mirror their tastes. By doing this, you will make the most of this research.

    Maintain a Uniform Brand Tone and Approach

Your selected approach and tone should be reflected in your footwear business’s marketing, brand image, and strategy. And, while no single tone will initially appeal to everyone, having a consistent brand and having that as your identity is preferable to being an indecisive company that people can not fully trust.

Building a solid brand for your firm will take time, expertise, and effort, but buyers will enjoy and trust your products if your tone remains constant.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at Squadhelp.com, a 3X Inc. 5000 company that provides unique and captivating naming services to early-stage startups and Fortune 500 corporations. As the world’s leading crowdsource naming agency, we have carefully studied over 1 million names and compiled a list of attractive domain names currently available online.

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