Information architecture is the organization of information, paths, and objects within any environment, physical or digital.

In a nutshell, information architecture is the art of organizing information as clearly and logically as possible.

This way the user can easily find what he is looking for. Moreover, it will also allow us to easily add new features and evolve the product.

We can make an analogy with construction: to have a good building you need an architect and that the foundations are well made, with a good base.

The same thing will happen with a digital product: if there are no well-defined paths, we will generate inconsistencies

the user will be lost and it is very possible that he will not come back (and, moreover, it will be difficult for us to achieve our objectives.

It is a strategic reflection, to be carried out before the redesign or the creation of a digital interface.

The design and definition of the information architecture of the user experience (UX) Design of a website.

This reflection can be enriched with different members of a company’s teams (management, sales, development, etc.)

These workshops will allow content to be categorized with different types of sensitivity and objectives.