Search engines are increasingly interested in the content of websites, which increases the importance of keywords.

It is in fact through the use of keywords that the Internet user searches for information on the Internet.

The choice of keywords is therefore particularly crucial in marketing, to increase the effectiveness of online communication.

The keyword searches most used by Internet users also allow companies to refine their advertising campaigns.

Keywords are meaningful words and expressions that describe a document, making search engine listings more accessible.

Keywords are important words or phrases that describe a document, allowing for better online SEO.

In particular, it allows highlighting the potential of key expressions composed of several words.

A query consisting of multiple words is called a long tail. It represents over 80% of the queries typed on search engines.

Long tail keyword phrases are also used when searching for a business near you.

To conclude, researching the right keywords is an essential step in an SEO strategy. If you neglect this job, it is very likely that you are invisible on Google.