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Check out SERPs ranking with our powerful search engine page rank tool. Simply add the website above and add relevant keywords to find particular pages ranking on that keyword.

Tool Overview

MixWithMarketing’s free SERP checker lets you check the top 100 Google search results for multiple keywords. You can use it to analyze SERPs and check the status of your website. It’s free and available online – so no download required.

Google search results may vary depending on your geographic location, device type (mobile or desktop) and Google TLD (e.g.

For example, if you search for the “Serp Checker” keyword on Google using a mobile device, you may see different results than when searching for the same keyword on a desktop computer.

Tool Process

For example, if you search for the “Serp Checker” keyword on Google using a mobile device, you may see different results than when searching for the same keyword on a desktop computer.

As search engine marketers and website owners, we have designed the tool we want to use – sifting through hundreds of search results or searching on our mobile devices, to check how our website ranks in Google.

Ranking difficulty varies by country as it is based on the top-ranking pages of each local SERP.

Accurate Rankings

MixWithMarketing’s SERP Checker gives you accurate ranking difficulty scores and detailed SEO statistics for the top 100 search results. With this, you can look at the whole picture and make a wise decision.

For each top-ranking page, we show you backlink metrics to help you predict competition and understand the ranking difficulty of a keyword:

The domain rating (DR) shows you how strong the website backlink profile is. The higher the DR, the more formal the link will be.

URL rating (URL) shows you the backlink profile strength of a specific URL. This has the highest correlation with metric ranking.

The number of backlinks shows you the number of inbound links that indicate the URL.

Domain Count means you can see the number of specific domains that represent a URL points.


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