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About Alexa RankChecker by Mixwithmarketing

If you want to check your website’s current SERP (search engine results page) ranking according to the Alexa PageRank system, the Alexa Ranking Checker tool by Rankwatch will generate it for you.

Professional developers, excelling in their field, designed the Alexa PageRank Checker. The module went through many tests and many times accurate Alexa rankings were created almost instantly.

You can add up to five different domains and check the Alexa rank of each domain website. To start the process, you need to click on the ‘Check My Alexa Ranking’ button and our PageRank Checker will generate Alexa web statistics in moments.

Our Alexa Ranking Checker is really accurate.

Alexa Global Rank

Get domain status submitted by billions of registered websites on the Internet worldwide.

Alexa Reach Rank

Find out the number of people who visit your website.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking gives you the SERP status of your domain. High Alexa PageRank is an indicator of online domain status.

Alexa Ranking is a service provided by Alexa – product. It analyzes your website in depth through the Alexa toolbar or Alexa plugin and collects data related to the traffic coming to your domain.

How does the Alexa ranking work?

Alexa PageRank Checker has no complicated functions; Instead, it has a simple and sophisticated algorithm to determine the website ranking.

Alexa monitors the behavior of Internet users and records the traffic to your website. Traffic data includes special visitors and total page views of Alexa Toolbar users over the past three months. Based on that data, it estimates the specific website’s Alexa ranking.

The Alexa site ranking list includes the website ranking of most domains, but not all. In general, domains not included in Alexa Analytics may not have enough traffic to their website.

You can download the Alexa toolbar extension and install it on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If you do not know the browser you are using, you can use our ‘What’s My Browser’ tool. You go to your browser and then download the appropriate Alexa toolbar extension.

After installing the Alexa toolbar, you can get information about your site stats in just a few seconds.

Because every webmaster urgently needs data about their website traffic, they download the Alexa toolbar to their browser. If you have an Alexa toolbar, you will also be one of the potential resources to collect Alexa page rank and traffic data and determine your Alexa ranking.

Why and when to check Alexa rankings

Why check Alexa rankings?

Alexa ranking data is beneficial to your domain. When you check Alexa rankings, you know about your site’s inbound traffic. If traction is lower than expected, you can start putting extra effort into your site’s on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization) and improve your domain’s Alexa rank.

When to check Alexa rankings?

During verification and advertising, it is time for you to check the Alexa site ranking or page rank of the website. Once you know your Alexa rating, it will be easier for you to quote an amount to the advertiser and get more advertisers to advertise in your domain.

On the other hand, Alexa Website Ranking helps advertisers verify domain holder reported traffic. Therefore, you will not be misled into advertising on the platform that gives you the minimum revenue.

Businesses need to keep track of their competitors’ Alexa web rankings so that they can move forward with a generation of high returns and succeed.

How to use our Alexa Rank Checker?

Are you sure you want to get Alexa ranking with our Alexa Ranker tool? Here is the answer.

RankWatch developers know how important it is for businesses to generate instant results in relation to their Alexa website rankings. So, they have created a tool with a convenient user interface that can study your website’s Alexa Analytics and Alexa statistics and generate your Alexa ranking report in seconds.

You should start by opening the Alexa Ranker tool, and then enter the domain you need to check the Alexa ranking, and finally, click on the ‘Search Alexa Rank’ button.

Why choose Mixwithmarketing’s Alexa Ranking Checker?

Alexa Ranking Checker is a component of Mixwithmarketing that offers free tools. These free tools from Mixwithmarketing include keyword suggestion tools, website speed tests, Serps ranking checker, and more.

The reason you should also use the free Alexa Rank Checker and other free tools of Mixwithmarketing is that they help save both time and money.

You can check your Alexa rankings indefinitely without spending a single penny. Additionally, our Alexa Ranker generates reports in seconds and includes the original Alexa ranking.

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