To study and implement an excellent SEO strategy, it is first necessary to understand how the search engine works. Positioning is the last step, the first is crawling and indexing: Discover all the secrets of search engines!

To understand why “search engine optimization” or SEO is important today, you need to know how search engines work in online digital content optimization strategy. Directly from

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An introduction for beginners

As a beginner, you need to understand how the SEO system works? don’t worry we are here to help you with important information related to Search Engine Optimization. Which will greatly clear your doubts as a beginner so let’s begin.

The beginning of “search engine optimization” or SEO

Of course, SEO was not required before the advent of the Internet. Good claims that the birth of SEO coincided with the beginning of online competition between websites. In fact, initially, there were strong restrictions on the web that would not allow companies to promote their business online. At the same time, this new digital environment is still misunderstood by many.

As the network became more accessible to more people, more and more people began to interact with this new digital world:

piece of information on early SEO

Defining SEO

We can define SEO as a digital marketing strategy that aims to optimize corporate communications through the web, with the main goal of improving the positions on the results page and thus making better use of “search engine page results” processing algorithms. Is to support. 

Trying to study and implement SEO strategies as a beginner without knowing how search engines work will not allow you to make informed decisions that are really useful for business purposes. Therefore, before entering the world of viable SEO strategies, it is advisable to inquire about the current operating mechanism of search engines.

How search engines work: Crawling & Indexing

First, the process that search engines perform is to find information on the web provided to searchers i.e. to scan the content published online. As explains, this process may be more or less automated over time, or it may be possible for search engines to report new digital content directly to search engines that speed up the operation.

content get crawled by SEO robots

We are talking about “crawlers” or “spiders” or software used by search engines to automatically analyze networks and “index” pages accordingly. These “robots” constantly scan the web, moving from page to page through the links they contain, visiting all the documents available online, and embedding them in the index. Here we go to the next step, which is sequencing. Learn about spider, robots & crawlers.

Search Engine Optimization: Indexing

After scanning the documents, search engines will find new Internet sites or new web pages published online and index the content accordingly as per the given information. Everything is recorded in a database that acts as a search source for users’ key-ins. As described by Studiosamo, the index:

indexing in SEO

Naturally, through algorithms to manage scanned information, search engines provide evaluation for each digital content so that online users can provide as consistent information as possible for the purpose of the search.

Search Engine Optimization: Positioning

Finally, positioning comes into play with the virtual use of SEO technologies to improve the ranking of digital content and improve its position in the SERP. explains:

Based on this data it is possible to analyze the situation through specific online tools to implement an effective and efficient SEO strategy. SEO takes effect at the end of the entire operating process of search engines, allowing you to influence the position of your website or webpage on the search results page. All of these, with the aim of ensuring greater visibility in the eyes of online users, increase authority, credibility, and popularity.

Developing search engine algorithms for SEO purpose

the work process of search engines starts with the analysis of online information, up to the same indexing, by their order, up to the details of the results page.

However, the process is constantly evolving to provide online users with the best possible response for search purposes in terms of consistency and quality.

Considering the performance of SERP processing algorithms, SEO strategies have been developed to optimize the locations of online content, clearly for the benefit of those who publish them. It has developed organic optimization mechanisms, which are natural actions in line with search engine ethics, also known as the white hat.

But, at the same time, there are algorithmically evasive and deceptive non-organic optimization systems that also target intrusive locations of digital content, also known as the black hat.

In the ongoing development and improvement of the SERPs processing process, search engines are trying to limit black hat practices to optimize and give priority to white hat practices.

Therefore, you need to know this and take it as a fact. Sometimes, it is useless to set up digital content by inserting the response to the search intent at the end of the text because Google itself will immediately direct the user to the point where he can find what he is looking for.


Because, ultimately, SEO is not just about finding in search engines and driving traffic to your website. It provides a great experience and generates leads and revenue.

To create a positive user experience and generate leads from search, you need to do more than just target the right keywords. You need to understand the intent of the search user and develop content that provides solutions to their problems.

Once you understand your search intent, you can create content tailored to the needs of search users and optimize search engines for indexing.

Hope this introduction to SEO helps you understand search engine optimization better as a beginner.

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