Meaning of Listicle

An article on the Internet presented as a number or bullet-point list: The recent BuzzFeed list of ’21 images that restore your faith in humanity ‘received over 13 million views.

A listicle is an informal term for an article that contains a series of facts, suggestions, quotes, or examples organized around a specific topic.

Lists with numbers or bullets are very common, especially in blogs and other online articles.

The listicle term is a mixture of inventory and articles.

Definition of LISTICLE

An article consisting of a series of items presented as a list • Even in the well-worn format of the listicle, Ono infuses her characteristic verve into this list of 25 facts about herself. – E. Alex Jung 

I’m not a fan of listicles, but I’ll stoop to link to this one on Buzzfeed because it is highly relevant to my interests: the 27 best “Breaking Bad” memes. –Xeni Jardin

Listicle Examples

Here are some brilliant examples of Listicle so that you can understand the term better.

  • H is a disturbing narrative – it sometimes uses self-entertaining lists – which are suspiciously influenced by popular genres on digital platforms.” (Review from The Missing Link by Philip Hensher in The New Yorker on January 21, 2013)
  • When Beyonce’s publicist sent an email to BuzzFeed earlier this week asking him to delete ‘some nasty photos’ of his client that appeared on the list of 33 Most Fearful Moments on the Midsummer Show. -Day Beyonce, “She had no idea the Internet really worked that way.” In fact, it’s the exact opposite of how the Internet works.“Now, thanks to a brutal internet phenomenon called the Streisand Effect, those photos are not everywhere they have become a contest in their own right.” (Nietzsche Zimmerman, “Beyonce Publishers Call for the Internet to Remove Beyonce’s Uncompromising Photos; Internet Transforms Beyonce Uncompromising Photos into a Match” Gawker February 7, 2013).
  • “Something happened in my mind while I was working long hours at women’s magazines. I do not know if my brain moves faster than a million clicks than my mouth or if I edit any list, article, grid, or relationship. Even the quiz. But in one of my drawings’ er, ah, duh, tuff Creative Director with a stream of ‘(Jesse Nadler, Rurally Screwed: My Life of the Grid with the Cowboys I Love. Berkeley Books, 2012).

Listicle for readers with a short attention span

“Editors of many newspapers and magazines welcome listicle articles because these features can be expanded or reduced depending on the space available. Most importantly, list articles make great cover lines that guide readers to the magazines.” Drive yourself to buy. “When we flip lists on the cover, our newsstand sales increase,” said David Zinczenko, men’s health editor, about the power of lists in a TV interview. In his blog, Zinc Zhenko provides readers with informative lists on hot topics: six worst foods to eat at the movies, eight best flat-tammy summer recipes, and six things your dad wants for Father’s Day.

Dad’s “lists are great for small-minded people,” Zink‌Jenko joked. “List articles usually follow a two-part formula. First, you need an introductory paragraph describing the article by explaining the purpose of the list. Since these articles are simple, the introduction should be concise and, secondly, the list is presented in a bullet or numeric format.” Writing list articles may seem easy. , Many of which require research. “(David E. Summer and Holly G. Miller, Feature and Magazine Writing: Action, Angle and Trivia 2nd ed. Blackwell, 2009).

Listicle an appeal or call

“The list – or more precisely the listicle … certainly expands on a promise, but reveals that none of these promises will ever be fulfilled. .. I have the option of clicking on links to articles upside down. It does not reflect my interests when it comes to counting.

And I suspect that my sheepish behavior has something to do with the passive structure of that last sentence. Strangely humble reading experience. By promising good information or diversion. ,,, Once you start reading, strange magnetism of worthlessness becomes apparent in itself. “Once you start reading, the worthless magnetism becomes apparent in itself.” Once you start reading, a strange magnetism worthless emphasizes itself. (Mark O’Connell, “Ten paragraphs about the list you want right now in your life” The New Yorker, August 29, 2013)

Listicle Websites

list some selected listicle websites that you can visit.

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