In this article, we will not only provide you with necessary information on A.I. Chatbots but also suggest to you some best A.I-based chatbot platforms which you can join with a free trial and avail benefits. So, let’s begin.

Recently, new tools have been introduced to the digital marketing world, it is a place to facilitate the interaction between humans and computer chatbots, and Virtual assistants. Thanks to the work of chatbots and virtual assistants, we have a new tool in the industrial ones, in order to simplify the interaction between the human and the computer.

What is a Chatbot?

The chatbot can be used as artificial intelligence, a computer program that simulates human conversation. They are also known to be a digital assistant to understand human capacity. Robots and interpret the user’s intention to work on it, to make the inquiries in a timely and appropriate response. 

Speaking of robots can have both speech and text, and can be deployed as a web-based, websites, apps, and communications channels, such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or Whatsapp.

What Is The Role Of Chatbot In Transforming the digital World?

The chatbot provides several advantages, optimizing the interaction between people and services, enhancing the quality of customer service. At the same time, the company, which offers new opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of the customer service department. No doubt chatbot plays an important role in transforming today’s digital world. 

Chatbot provides a number of advantages such as:

  • To reduce customers ‘ waiting times in 21% of the consumers think that chat is the easiest way to contact a business. Bots are a smart way to ensure that customers are able to get a straight answer on what they are looking for without forcing them to wait in line. 
  • Better customer interaction-Conversation, the robots are able to attract customers, day or night, it begins to actively maintain, and offer specific recommendations to improve the customer experience.
  • Automate your lead skills and sales, automate your marketing funnel through chatbots, to pre-qualify your leads, and you want to send in a team to further the development. With the ability to instantly attract customers, increase the number of leads and conversions for your business.
  • Availability 24/7-the Robots are available at all times, in order to attract the customers with instant answers to frequently asked questions for them. The most important potential benefit of the use of chatbots in the customer service department of the rooms. 
  • To save costs, Customer service Chatbots help businesses save over $ 8 billion per year. The robots are simple, scalable, which saves customers the cost associated with hiring more or less the costs of the infrastructure, and so on.

Just go through this video in order to clearly understand the working of a chatbot




How does chatbot technology works?

Chatbots work experience, user feedback, and identifying the intention of the user’s request, an extract of the unit, which is the most important task for the chatbot. The corresponding response is analyzed for a time and came into the user’s eyes.
Chatbot working



Chatbots work by using the three methods of classification. 

Patterns matching

The robots use a template to match a set of text or patterns, and it will cause the appropriate response from the client. The artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is representing a common, structured model that is based on samples. The bot is able to get the correct answer that matches the pattern. Robots are the answer to everything which is related to correlated patterns. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

In natural language processing (NLP), the bots are designed to transform the user’s text or speech into structured data. This information is used in order to select an appropriate response. NLP includes vital steps like tokenization, sentiment analysis, face recognition, and analysis. 

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the ability of a chatbot to understand human beings. This is the process of converting the text into structured data for a machine to understand. NLUs are three specific concepts. This is, in fact, the expectations, context, and entities.

Best A.I. based Chatbot platforms that you can join on the free trial and avail benefits

1. Provide Support chatbot



Provide support


Provide Support chat bot



2. Liveagent



Live Agent chatbot





Another smart platform to manage your chat support with your customer using Live Agent chatbot system available with 14 days free trial. Explore here

3. Jivochat





Jivochat is another intelligent Chatbot platform to handle your client. The user interface of this Chatbot is really awesome just scroll the official website of jivochat and notice the difference. for free signup Click here.


 4. Chatbot





last but not least is another smart option to manage chats with your clients. easy U.I and several advanced features to create an unbelievable user experience. For free sign-up Click here
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