The digital customer experience is the amount of digital interaction between the customer and the company and the effect that the customer experiences in his buying journey.

The best digital customer experiences evoke powerful emotions and create lasting relationships.

What is a digital customer experience?

The term digital customer experience refers to the sum of all the online interactions a customer has with your brand. It starts with your company’s website, but can also include mobile apps, chatbots, social media, and any other channels with touchpoint virtual. And what is important here is consumer awareness. Is asking for or ordering help confused and frustrated, or is the process which is conflict-free, memorable, and enjoyable?

Don’t overlook the importance of the functional aspects of the experience: from the shopping cart to the contact us form, every interaction adds an overall feel to your brand. What story do you want to tell in these moments? What story would you like to share with others who experience them?

How to manage Digital Customer Experience (DCX)?

Consumers have recognized that making data available to companies is an essential part of digital marketing. However, they expect brands to know themselves again. Marketing leaders often talk about giving customers first place, but the fact is that 42% of companies never ask for feedback. 1 Client can understand this disconnect. They know when the human element is gone. Your challenge is to find and fix broken experiences in advance before customers leave.

Companies that take the time to do the hard work of mapping a customer journey are always ahead. You cannot create unique experiences if you do not know when and where customers will interact with your brand. With this in mind, it helps to think of DCX management as:


Digital Customer experience - DCX



First, you really need to know your audience. What kind of emotions arise in each section?
Next, identify the people in that audience. What characteristics do customers have in each person? (Learn about what is KPIs from here)

You are now ready to address every step of the customer journey with relevant content and experiences. Did you cover each part of the funnel, top, middle, and bottom?

Even if you start with the basics, make sure to personalize the digital experience at every step.
Customer data provides much-needed insights, so it is important to have a solution such as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that can connect data to interaction points. Machine learning and AI help you collect and connect data – and understand it at the same time.

Just go through the video below explaining the future of Digital Customer Experience (DCX)



But if you do not have the powerful AI to apply insights for yourself, it is up to your team to apply exactly what you have learned. Even if you have AI, this is where creative entertainment comes in. Connecting customer visits in helpful, exciting, and pleasantly surprising ways make all the difference, and making those trips is up to your team.

While creativity is required, functional excellence is also required. It’s about carefully balancing between creating powerful journeys, delivering them, and having the technical expertise to understand their impact and constantly repeating to improve them.

“The mantra you need to be comfortable with is: ‘It’s a journey,’ ‘said Rite Boyeer, chief technical consultant for perfume, a site‌core partner. “Even after you re-platform or upgrade, your rule is in order, content is loaded, analytics flows in marketing workshops and decision-making under your belt — you always like to test, improve, upgrade, build, rewrite and ROI Continue to find ways to improve the CX to run. “

What are the Benefits of Digital Customer Experience (DCX)?

A good digital customer experience is no longer satisfactory. It is a mission-critical differentiator for every business. Combining great products, powerful digital experiences, and memorable three important aspects of human relationships, brands lead to more engaged, more satisfied, and more loyal customers. Here are some business Benefits of DCX Excellence.

The video below explains the benefits of DCX.



Here are some additional metrics you can track and improve:

  • Excessive customer retention
  • Low customer chain rates
  • High lifetime customer value
  • Greater brand equity
  • Low cost of service

Good Examples of Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Despite its terminology, DCX is not unique to customer-oriented businesses. This applies to every industry that provides services to external customers (patients, students, citizens, etc.) as well as employees, partners, or other customers who communicate internally with an organization. The use of digital technology to facilitate communication unites them.

Motor vehicle

Sends new car diagnostic information via the API for the customer to view, along with service reminders and product recall notices on a mobile app or online dashboard. He can also view his financial information and track bill payments.

The customer sees the automobile brand as a unique resource for their vehicle care.


A customer opens new savings account through his bank mobile app. He uses the bank’s budget tool to set targets and save automatically, making it safer for him to spend on bills, pending payments, and targets.

Once a month, the customer receives an updated text about his savings status and reports that he is breaking spending habits. The impressive impression of the bank is a friendly, supportive advisor.


A student connects to his or her university portal to access digital lectures and textbooks. At the end of each module, his practice will be tracked with quizzes, and suggested material will be provided based on the struggle performed with certain topics.

He can chat with professors or schedule appointments with teacher colleagues via the web or mobile interface. She sees her experience personally and the university as understanding and helpful.


Digital Customer experience - DCX



The city worker monitors vehicles and foot traffic through roadside Bluetooth-enabled sensors. He can share information with other departments so that they can solve congestion problems.

If traffic is due to necessary road repairs (such as a broken light), she can arrange repairs through an online scheduler and track workers’ positions and status.

Once the repairs are complete, she can immediately share the information via social media. The agency outcome impact (from an internal perspective) is tech-savvy and effective.

Health care

During doctor visits, the patient sets health goals to maintain their health. Between visits, he uses an app to track his essentials, food, and drink, exercise, and prescriptions.

There are also interactive learning materials and an online community where she can learn and promote through others who work on similar goals. Over time his health will improve, the need for visits will be less and hospital costs will be lower. The result is professional, personalized health care.


The local bookstore also has an online community where users can save reviews of their favorite books, join online discussion groups, and participate in virtual events or events that take place in the store.

Customers can choose from recommended titles based on past order history prepared for him or them in the store. He can sit in the store with coffee, remove some titles and choose what titles to put. The customer feels that the bookstore is an easy, enjoyable way to organize his reading.


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