It’s a big promise: full content marketing.

But it is possible if you understand how content goes into your whole digital marketing strategy. And well done, your content marketing will not only attract prospects. and move on with the marketing drive to drive more sales and grow your own business.


In this article, we cover the basics of a successful content marketing plan,
including methods and metrics, business roles should belong to you
content marketing, and will talk about it.


Make content marketing well executed!


Let’s start by understanding exactly what we mean when we say
You see, a lot of businesses are losing a lot of opportunities because of that
the concept of content marketing is very small.
As a result, they remove the content but do not get the best results. And
here’s why: internal content alone isn’t driving traffic and marketing.
Your content needs to be “complete.” then only your content marketing is well-executed Now, what do we mean by that?
Complete content is not about you, your product, or your intentions. It’s about
bringing the right information to your hopes in the right place within
the customer experience.


“One of the big misconceptions is that blogging is content marketing”

In order to apply content marketing, you need to create a perfect funnel.



content marketing funnel
A typical content marketing funnel


1. Awareness

in this phase, the prospect should be aware of the problem and you should create awareness that you have a solution to the problem. So, creating awareness here is the priority of marketing content.

2. Consideration

Those who pass the Awareness Phase must now check the various options available in the consideration phase,
including competition solutions and, of course, take no action at all to resolve the problem because the prospect is searching for a solution.

3. Conversion

The cold prospects cannot test your solution until they first know the problem and solution.
And conversion is not possible until it is expected to first explore possible alternatives.
To deliver utility with the help of marketing, you need to give them content designed to meet their needs in each of the three phases.

As a digital marketer, your role in the conversion stage is to convert leads into high ticket buyers.

In other words…

  • TOFU or Top of the funnel utility
  • MOFU or Middle of the funnel utility
  • BOFU or Bottom of the funnel utility

Does it make sense?




1. TOFU or top of the funnel utility

The quality content at this stage of the funnel creates awareness among the prospects which pushes them to the next phase. Content at the top of the funnel basically facilitates awareness.
here, the prospect is unaware. What you have to do? is create awareness among the prospect through:
  • Infographics
  • Social media updates
  • Blog post
  • Audio/Video podcast
  • Entertainment
  • Digital magazines
  • Photographs 

2. MOFU or middle of the funnel utility

The content at this phase facilitates consideration and evaluation by the side of the prospect. In this phase, the prospects start engaging with the content.
The main goal in MOFU or the middle of the funnel is to convert “problem and solution” aware prospects into leads. This basically deals with providing utility to the prospects in the form of:
  • Free discount coupons
  • Software downloads
  • Gift vouchers
  • Surveys
  • Quiz

3. BOFU or bottom of the funnel utility

Ok, now its time for sale,
The prospect at bottom of the funnel (BOFU) is engaged with the content Your lead could be to read your content and download lead (also it will help to convert),
but you will need content to help him decide between. you and your competitors offering.
note how Salesforce reviews lead under the panel with many customer stories prove that their product is able to handle what you earn. It includes:
  • Webinar
  • Customer stories and reviews
  • Free trials
  • Demos


The ultimate content marketing strategy


Just go through the video for the ultimate content marketing strategy.

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