Withdrawal is a double-edged sword. On the other hand, some people unsubscribe, which is by no means good for the ego. On the contrary, your list is a little self-cleaning. But you always wonder if you could save some of those unsubscribers, right?

Fortunately, here are 10 great tips to help you reduce your email unsubscription rates, so let’s get started. How to reduce Email unsubscription? 

This section presents 10 great ways to reduce unsubscribing and keep your mailing list prosperous. Implement one or two suggestions each week and enjoy the reduction of unsubscription.

1. Use a combination of double opt-in and single opt-in

 What is the difference between single opt-in and double opt-in? It sounds much more complicated than that. 

A single opt-in means that the subscriber does not have to confirm the subscription. For double opt-in, subscribers typically need to click the link sent by email after signing up for the first form to confirm.

Single opt-in is easier for users and the fastest way to create a list, but it doesn’t respect the privacy of subscribers very much. In addition, email addresses can easily become cluttered with incorrect data, damaging the sender’s reputation.

A single opt-in may display a success message similar to the following:


single opt-in


There are no follow-up emails asking subscribers to confirm their subscription.

Double opt-in provides better quality list protection and the opportunity to communicate immediately with subscribers via confirmation email.

On the downside, the dual opt-in process slows the growth of the list and may prevent some users from completing the sign-up process, which can lead to the loss of email addresses.

The double opt-in success message will probably look a little different:


double opt-in


Subscribers will also receive an email immediately after submitting the opt-in form.

2. Segment subscribers

The key to effective marketing is to reach the right people at the right time. Segmenting your email list can help you do that.

It is useful to categorize the list into the following three segmentation categories:

  • Highly segmented
  • Unsegmented
  • Non-segmented

The unsegmented list contains the maximum number of contacts and the highly segmented list contains the minimum number of contacts.

And non-segmented list is not a targeted list it has a huge list of emails that includes both the targeted and untargeted prospects.

You can create such a target list using any number or type of data, such as demographics such as age and location, or segmentation of behaviors such as browsing and buying activities.

The bottom line is that targeted campaigns work. In a survey conducted by Klaviyo, targeted campaigns improved average open rates, CTR, and average revenue per recipient. And the average withdrawal was low.

To create a working segment, define the segment with at least two conditions. The first condition should be related to an individual’s time-limited behavior, such as:

  • past purchase amount and frequency abandoned cart history, and so on.
  • The second condition should be related to demographics.

There are many ways to segment a mailing list, which can be overwhelming.

3. Create useful (and relevant!) Content

Now that you have a segment, you need to send an email to convert it

But how do you get started?

Start with one goal

Like most things in life, you start with a goal. What do you want to achieve with this email? Are you trying to make a profit? Want to increase your social media share?

Define a strategy

You know what your goal is, so what will lead you there? If your goal is to increase your income, are you thinking of a particular sale or product? Decide who cares You want to increase your income, and you have this great product to do it. who cares? Perhaps a better question is this: what type of person cares? What else do they buy? How much do they spend? Where are they from?

“Sounds like segmentation”

Compose a message What is your story? What is your call for action? There are so many marketing strategies out there, what do you choose? Would you like to use the marketing of this product as an opportunity to boost your brand, build exclusivity and rarity, and offer free shipping?

There are so many marketing strategies out there, what do you choose? Would you like to use the marketing of this product as an opportunity to boost your brand, build exclusivity and rarity, and offer free shipping? Are you already using this product in a test group and would like to share the results using social proof? 

Create a message about what motivates your viewers. Deliver a message This post is specifically about email, so let’s assume you’re delivering your message with a targeted email. And you will probably also take advantage of other outlets like social media.

Do you need more? Check out our step-by-step guide to a successful email marketing campaign.

4. Create a good subject

I’m ready to send an email, but the subject is vaguely staring at you. Literally, it’s blank. Instead of deleting it, I just don’t know what to type to open and read. Statistically, you can see that the subject of the most successful email contains 3-5 words, 14-24 characters, 1-4 pictograms and is written in the title case. But the best advice we can give to create a perfect subject is to write it as humans write it. What is the reason for clicking the email?

Keep it short: 5 words or less. Make it personal (for example, “Your opinion about the” X “). Please say “Thank you”.Refer to the next step to show the initiative.

5. Personalize

 Did you know that 74% of marketers say that targeted personalization improves customer engagement? Personalized email also offers a 6x higher transaction rate. With billions of emails sent every day, personalization can make your email stand out from the crowd.

Write them as if you were writing to one person to make your message feel more personal. How would your conversation feel if you were talking to your favorite customer?

You can use opt-in campaigns to get names and email addresses from visitors and add them to your email list. You can also use them to personalize your email marketing efforts and create campaigns targeting subscribers on your site.

Here’s how to personalize your opt-in with Getresponse using smart tags:


Getresponse smart tags


6. Email frequency 

There are no strict rules regarding the frequency of emails. Too few can be forgotten, and too many can be suddenly put in your spam box. This is a great opportunity to test or ask your subscribers a complete question.

You can also set the email to segment them based on the response and send them as often as requested.

Be sure to set those expectations in your welcome email, starting with a sustainable frequency. As you become able to create more email marketing content, investigate your subscribers to see if you are interested in seeing the increase in content from you.

7. Optimized for mobile

 Email is now open on mobile rather than desktop. Over time, these numbers are likely to continue to distort in favor of mobile. Optimizing email for mobile is really easy

 Pay attention to the pre-header text 

The subject is important on mobile, but you should also pay attention to the pre-header text that appears in emails on mobile devices. This text is read before the body of the email and should be used to highlight important information. 

Shorten the content

Get mobile users in 3 seconds. That’s all they need to decide whether to summon you or delete your email. Get to the point right away. Place action phrases and important text “on the fold” so that everything can be consumed. Make it easy for them to do what you want.

Create an icon and make the action button touch-friendly.

Again, we want to make it very easy for people to get involved. This means that action calls and clickable things, including form fields, must be large enough to actually click without zooming in. The standard minimum value for touch-friendly buttons is 44 x 44 pixels.

Want to know how to create a statement that encourages readers to click? Let me help you create the perfect action call.

Enlarge the font to reduce the image

The font should be large enough to allow the average reader to see things as far away as arm length. You need to allow users to read your email without zooming in or out.

To make the image smaller, you need to use an image optimization plug-in or software to optimize the image.

If your users are reading emails on mobile, you may or may not have access to Wi-Fi, so you need to make sure that your emails aren’t reflected in your data plan. If you can’t make the image data-efficient, skip it.

8. Offer discounts, incentives, and exclusive content


getresponse promo


You can offer discounts only to your subscribers, or create fun content only for your subscribers. Make them feel really special and as you thank them.

The point is that it’s not just about sending email when you need something. From time to time I send an email to distribute things.

9. Send different content formats

Words on the page sometimes need to be split by something else. You can enjoy email while maintaining your brand. Test a GIF or video. Maybe see how a BuzzFeed-type quiz works for your audience.

10. Ask for feedback

Your subscribers have opinions and they are probably quite pleased to tell you about them. If you have questions about whether your subscribers like or hate what they are doing, don’t be afraid to ask.

The same is true for those who unregister. You can’t just click a button and it disappears. Ask them why they are leaving. Ask them if something keeps them.

You can set up a survey on your website to easily get the feedback you need.

I have! Provided you the 10 True Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscription and Keep Your Email Lists Prosperous. This ultimate guide helps you to split test your email campaign in the right way. Or, if you’re looking for tips on designing your email newsletter to increase clicks and engagement,

Want to check out what Getresponse can do for your lead generation? Join today!

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