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Email marketing


Despite the rumors, the email is close to “death” —even if you know how to use it will help you grow your business to the fullest. With that in mind, in this article, we will go through the basics of email marketing, including strategy, metrics, search you need to know, and who’s on your team must have email marketing. But first, let’s take a look at the role email plays in a growing business.

Understanding The Role Of Email Marketing


Email marketing can be used to mark tag, engage, find storage, direct sales, renewals, traffic creation, and transfers, making it one of the most versatile tools any business can use to grow those businesses.

The purpose of the email is to help and accelerate customer movement from one phase of the value journey to the next.

But it is important to understand why we use email marketing. , it is not for profit or growth. The effect of email marketing is actually profitable and growing,
yet the purpose of email marketing is to move your customers from one category to another.


email marketing roles
The role of email marketing
Email marketing is more than just broadcasting an email every time you publish
new blog posts. And it’s more than sending email alerts if you have promotions or sales.

Understanding The Types Of Email Marketing

  • Promotional type email marketing
  • Relational type email marketing
  • Transactional type email marketing

1. Promotional Type Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have it
purchased online as a direct result of an email marketing message.
Clearly, promotional emails are a powerful tool for growth. It basically includes:

  • Promotional content
  • Sale announcement
  • New gated content
  • Trial offers
  • Event announcement

2. Relational Type Email Marketing

Companies that use a relational type of email to increase earnings generate 50% more sales earn 33% lower costs.
Here are few types of relationship emails you can use to get these results
in your business — whether digital or brick and mortar.
  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • New subscribers
  • Surveys
  • Webinars
  • Reviews

3. Transactional Type Email Marketing

These are emails sent to your default, verified systems actions were taken by prospects and customers. While most transaction emails are templates offered for marketing.
the systems we use, the average revenue per email for 2x to 5x transactions higher than standard bulk email. the transaction email types include:
  • Confirmation of orders
  • Purchase receipts
  • Account creation
  • Shipping notices
  • Unsubscribe
  • Return confirmation

How To Start With a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Are you all interested in launching a successful email marketing campaign! With around 269 billion emails sent each day, there is huge competition for the attention of your audience.


Email marketing campaign



Few tips to craft a successful email marketing campaign:

Your goal. What you hope to accomplish with a successful email marketing campaign.

Time – how often, time of day, day of the week, etc. Of course, email is available whenever a user wants to view it, but it may be opened as soon as it is sent. Improve your time, improve your open balance.

Customize open prices with a good pre-header, description users see when checking their email. Make your email readable and inviting on many screens (especially mobile) with great design.

Keys to building a successful Email Marketing campaign

1. List Building:

Before you start with a successful email marketing campaign, you need to prepare a good list. In the bad old days before CAN-SPAM, you could just buy a list and bombard a lot of people with your message. Some experts advise against such “cold messages”, but it works best if you prefer to buy a list of potential buyers.

The shopping list was a masterpiece in those days and I was paid a lot of money to direct businesses to any shopping list that could produce top results. Also, the sales list is what keeps most small, specialized magazines in the business – giving unique access to the most targeted subscribers. So focus on quality list building.

Tips For List Building:

1. Submit your registration form everywhere – on the home page and on each page of your website, in your store (if you are brick and mortar), at events, on social media…
2.Provide utility (like ebook, coupon, etc.) to switch to your email list.
3.Do not ask for information you do not need so it is quick and easy for visitors to register. Probably all you need is an email address and a name. Don’t forget that you can get more details after you sign up.
4. When sending an email, include social sharing and subscribers’ ability to send your email to a friend. These are great ways to build your list.

2. Start with marketing automation:

Marketing automation has some remarkable benefits which are:
1. Automation in marketing provides ease and effectiveness in a successful email marketing campaign.
2. It eliminates the tiresome activity of manual human efforts in preparing and sending emails.
3. Marketing automation has a high reach as compared to traditional email marketing campaigns.
4. The campaigns, in general, are more targeted and particular which yields high results in successful list building.

3. Eye-catchy Content:

Like everything in advertising, the message is everything. Make your content (both text and images) eye-catchy & attractive, use lots of white space and a little humor is not harmful. When an email looks like a personal conversation with a friend, it will do better. Customization is not limited to entering a person’s name.

Make the email look like it’s designed especially for each reader & do not put unnecessary information in your email.

4. Analytics tools:

The wonders of analytics tools in digital marketing offer a myriad of metrics that should guide every marketing decision you make. Here are some metrics to watch:
1.Data for subscribers as new subscribers and unsubscribe
2.The functionality of your email form – I do this by setting goals in Google Analytics, but AWeber also shows me how often my form has been displayed and how many subscribers have been created.
3. Always do A / B testing to find the right form, placement, etc.
Campaign Performance – how many times it opens, clicks often, and, if you enter tracking codes, termination of terms is based on each campaign.


5. Timing of emails:


You don’t want to overload your readers by sending too many emails, but you do want to use your email marketing to build trust and engage with your target audience. That’s a measuring action. Also, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

A good standard gauge is from analytics. If your open prices go down or you start getting complaints or a lot of people have dropped out of the list, you send an email more often. If you do not find people exiting the subscription or complaining, you may be sending more emails more often.



6. Mobile-friendly email:


Making your content easy to use is the key to successful email marketing. According to Buffer, 47% of emails are opened on mobile. Here are their tips for making your content easier for mobile users:

1. Convert your email into a single column template to make it easier to configure mobile.
2. Collect font size for better reading on smartphones.
3.Follow the iOS guide for buttons at least 44 pixels wide by 44 pixels long.
Make the call to action clear and easy to tap. Above the kraal is better.
4.Consider ergonomics. Most users pull and scroll with their thumb, so keep important things you can use in the middle of the screen.













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