What is Graymail?

This is not spam, it’s not valid mail, it’s graymail. Understand what it is in your communication and the importance of avoiding it.

What about the promotional mail we agree to receive but rarely or never open. I suggest the time we signed up to receive the email:

  • After the purchase, they either pick us up at the store asking for the postal address
  • There they will ask us for an email for free internet access
  • When we want to download content from the site it asks us for an email

In those cases, we will deliver without any problem, but really, we are not interested in your messages or we forget that we did. Only then will those messages be recognized as Graymail.

Better Understanding the Graymail

This is a new classification between emails that we agree to receive and, in fact, opening, reading, and clicking on their content, emails that are sent without our consent, and unwanted emails. These are classified as junk mail or spam.

Graymail will reach our address but will be rearranged into different folders by email clients, for example, Gmail sorts messages into promotions, shopping, finance, etc., or Outlook calls it “other” mail. Puts in the folder‌.

The importance of this is that if email providers confirm that the message is not of interest to the user, they will automatically (Email autoresponders) place it in a folder other than Inbox.

The inbox contains only user-related emails so that they are not distracted by other messages that they have never interacted with.

Unlike junk mail or spam traps that affect the sender’s reputation, Graymail senders do not affect their reputation, and their messages are less likely to be visible to the user. Not reaching the inbox.

Therefore, it is not enough to have a large database now, we will send thousands or millions of emails.

The important thing is that my contacts on my mailing list are really interested in my messages.

How do I stop Graymail?

So what can you do to stop Graymail? Thankfully, Gmail has some answers.

Wipe your inbox

Last year, Gmail introduced a new sweep button to help you deal with an inbox full of graymail. During the test, I was able to reduce the inbox of 1,000 emails to 5 in less than 3 minutes. It may be absolutely necessary to clear up your confusion. I believe similar functionality can be provided by using Gmail filters, but frankly, I think the Hotmail sweep tool is more user-friendly and can only be used to apply to new emails. Works retroactively instead.

In general, you can do 3 things in your Gray Mail:

  • Delete & Block: For Graymail, you no longer need to delete it. Select Delete All from Sweep Tool, and then you can also block future messages. Is good.
  • Schedule Cleanup: This allows you to keep only the latest emails, which are useful for those Daily Deal emails and the ones you still won’t, but the old ones are useless.
  • Move All: In some cases, you may want to keep messages. Do you read the online course via email every day? When that happens, you brush them out of the way and into their own folder. Select Move All from the Sweep menu, and then move them to the new folder of your choice.

You can prioritize specific emails by creating a custom rule for flagging- this will place any message from a specific sender at the top of your inbox. However, sadly the setup is a bit complicated. To sort new messages go to Options -> More options -> Rules and create a new rule. Type your important contact address and set it to flag them.

Final Thoughts

Although I have no major problems with graymail, I have such a family. If you do, point them in the direction of that sweep button and be surprised when they reduce confusion.

Did you know about this tool in Offline Mail Client? I know Fred is a big fan of unsubscribing for Gmail, which can help you deal directly with the source of unwanted newsletters that bother you. Tell us in the comments!

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