Want your pages ranked higher in Google search results? A secure, easy-to-use site and fast loading speed are important. but, most importantly the number of backlinks that authorize your site. Good content and link building are the top two brands that Google uses to rank your website. However, even if that information is readily available online. you may be surprised that 91% of web pages do not receive any live traffic from Google.

What are backlinks?

A backlink may be a link from one website to your own site. It’s some way for one whole to supply your site’s info (such as a procedure page, a video, a weblog post. or Associate in the Nursing infographic) to guests on their website via a link.

Authoritative or “high quality” backlinks. signal Google, that your website may be a smart resource for specific keywords, and search terms. The keyword here is authoritative. which means the links come back from sites that search engines take for credibility.


As a result of they need to be established experience, authority, and trust with online guests in their individual fields. Links from high-authority sites pass on many of their authority to sites that they link to.

  • Dofollow backlinks
  • Nofollow backlinks

What is a Dofollow backlink?

Dofollow links are an HTML attribute used to allow search bots to follow links. If a webmaster connects to your site by following the link, search engine bots and people can follow you. They pass the link juice and really benefit your website to get the highest Page Quality. Google takes notes with Dofollow links and statistics on how many users link to your page to find out how good this page is. The more links you have, the more points you will get.


dofollow backlinks


It is important not only to get a Dofollow link from anywhere but to get a follow-up link from a reputable website. If you post a link to New Your Times or CNN, you’ll be cut off! Dofollow links are links that can help you increase Page Rank, get more SEO points and increase link juice that makes your site rank higher in the SERP. Equal links for genuine votes are trusted by Google.

What is a Nofollow backlink?

Nofollow links are links with rel = “nofollow” markup language tag applied to them. associate degree empty tag tells search engines to ignore that link. as a result of the excluded links that don’t exceed PageRank might not have an effect on computer program rankings.
It is important to know that No-follow links do not affect the search engine rankings for the destination URL because Google does not transmit PageRank text or anchor to it. In fact, Google does not even page links. Let’s have an example of the Nofollow tag.


Nofollow backlink example


The important difference between “Dofollow” and “Nofollow” backlinks?

As we saw earlier, the “do follow” links are used by Google to measure PageRank. Many links mean a lot of linking juice, which leads to the top pages of a website. In its unmistakable state, PageRank exists to determine which pages are most popular. (and, perhaps, the highest-ranking pages). and redirect those top pages to search engines.

Whereas, The following link is a link that can be counted as a page favor, which does not remove the PageRank, and does not help the page rank in the SERPs. There are no follow-up links that don’t find love. Their life is miserable and lonely.

Nofollow vs Dofollow backlinks

For more understanding. just go through this video:

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