More and more companies are relying on animation graphics for the realization of their corporate videos. Because of its strong visual impact motion, graphics can excite and communicate the user very clearly.

Everything we imagined was possible with animation. The boundaries of reality disappear and so does communication. That is why motion graphics video is tailored to the needs of each client. With Motion Graphics you can tell a company or product, you can tell a story and excite people, you can make every dream come true.

You can attract, convey, and communicate a message in a clear and simple way: Animated graphics provide the perfect solution for every communication need.

What is a motion graphic?

We can define motion graphics as the art of animating any graphic element from drawing to text, motion graphic means “graphics in motion“. It is therefore a question of bringing graphic design to life by transporting it to animated dimensions, in which it represents not only space but also time, thus converting from graphics to video.

We can define motion graphics as any project in which the graphic element moves, ranging from simple animated writing, through very simple motion effects, to graphic characters telling realistic cartoons.

By using various visual effects and animation techniques. It is possible to create unique videos and adapt them to customer needs. The goal is to make the message clear and engage the audience by getting an emotional response from the audience. That is why we always look for the most advanced technologies and original and innovative ideas.

How is motion graphics used?

Motion graphics are used in video animation in a number of ways which are:

Customer summary and analysis

First, we need to understand what your goal is, what you want to communicate, and who you want to contact. During the brief with the client, we discuss everything that is useful to understand how to operate, we try to help them better communicate the company’s reality, brand history, and values; We carefully study everything related to the company and its competitors to steer us towards the type of communication that best suits the needs of the customer.


Pin on Motion Design

Once the creative idea for the video has been selected and approved, it’s time to move on to the storyboard: the moment we start creating video-generating scenes with simple sketches, highlighting the crucial moments, and showing the client how the final impact will be.

Creative ideas and mood boards

After defining the type of video we want to create (corporate video, commercial, product video, etc.), we move on to the definition of creative thinking, in which we propose our idea of ​​video to the client. We use the way we want to communicate their message, the story we want to tell, and the graphic style.

2/3 video options and specific graphic styles through Mood Boards, trying to steer the customer towards the most useful ones and for the best results for their communication strategy. Along with that, always listen to the wishes of the company and compare yourself with the customer at every step of creating the video.

Image creation and montage

2021 Animation & Motion Graphics Trends

Then we go to the actual step of creating the video: initially, the graphic tables are drawn by creating different descents of the video, and then go to the animation step of managing the characters, text or graphic elements, assembly, and transitions.

Voice over and soundtrack

The customer is then provided with voice-over text for the video. Once the text is approved, it is cast for voice selection and soundtrack after recording it is inserted into the video so that it is complete with images and transitions, leaving no chance.

Finally, the video is more interesting with a specially selected soundtrack and more captivating with pictures and voiceovers.




This is a kind of video that is commonly used to communicate in a simple and effective way through fluid and dynamic language. This is a video that is well suited to convey to the customer by clarifying a difficult or highly technical message.

One of the best ways to communicate numbers, stats, and information to your audience is to use animated infographics.

Technically, infographics type of video is characterized by simple yet fluid and dynamic animations with colorful and flat graphics, such as addition and scrolling, that draw viewers’ attention to the most relevant information.

Whiteboard animation

white board motion graphics

These are simple and straightforward animated videos in which the graphics have usually created an outline, with the required lines and black designs or white monochrome background. The animation is simple but very effective, especially when the hand makes the movement of various graphics flowing through the video fluid.

In this case, after the first processing of the video the real hand is shot on the green screen in one step, thus enabling the precise movements necessary for the complete success of the video. Finally, the two components, animation, and bent arm are merged in the editing stage to create the final effect.

Motion design

Bubbles | Motion design animation, Motion graphics design, Motion graphics animation

Motion design is a video that uses more complex animation to create the final product with a stunning visual effect. This is a real cartoon, with dynamic subjects whose characters are more elaborate.

There is a real virtual design studio behind creating videos in Motion Design. The graphics, characters, and settings are dynamic, colorful, and flat, but with smaller colors and contrasting colors to give depth to the images. In these videos, it is possible to animate everything from the background to the characters, seeing the look designed specifically for the client through graphic tests and inspiring mood boards.

The setting is always so exciting and so creative, always trying to unveil the video and never imagining. Video in motion design tells the story of your company or your products: This is an ideal tool if your goal is to implement a corporate storytelling strategy.


Motion graphics means animated video that is primarily a colorful and flat-moving graphic with stylized shapes and designs. These are simple animations of objects and shapes and any small movements of the objects they represent.

Animations‌ mainly have pop-up and scrolling effects and no actual character animation. The setting is not overly developed but is rich with colors and visual changes and for this reason, the video in motion graphic‌ is ideal for effectively communicating in less time.

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