What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing uses social media sites to increase visibility on the Internet and promote products and services. Social media sites are useful To build social (and business) networks and exchange ideas and knowledge



Just go through the video above in order to understand Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is part of a trend called Web 2.0, which refers to changes in the way users and software developers use the Web. It is a more collaborative use of the web that enhances, interaction through creativity, and knowledge exchange. It is a more interactive and user-oriented way to help users engage and collaborate on the Web through open applications and services.

Social media marketing uses blogs, podcasts, publicity, online video, photo sharing, news sharing, wikis, message boards, and posts on social networking sites to reach a large or target audience.

Let’s have a look at the diagram showing different types of Social media marketing platforms


Social media marketing types


5 reasons Why small businesses use Social media marketing to promote their business

“The primary advantage of social media for your communication strategy is its structural ability Relationships and associations between people who share interests and other 5 reasons include:

1. You can reach more people in a more natural way without paying huge advertising fees.

2. The use of blogs and social and business networking sites can increase traffic from other social media websites to your website. This will increase your page rank, which will increase traffic from the major search engines. To learn about the Social media marketing process click here.


Social media marketing


3. Social media complements other marketing strategies such as paid advertising campaigns.

4. You can increase credibility by participating in relevant forums and answering questions.

5. Social media sites‌ contain information such as user profile data that can be used for advertising targeting a specific group of users.

In view of these key benefits, social media marketing seems to have some drawbacks. However, In addition to the previously mentioned warning regarding web security, the main limitation of this type of marketing technique is the time it takes to get involved on social media sites.

How to use Social media sites to market Your business?


Advantages of social media marketing











Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind while promoting your business online:

1. Collaborate, Inform, Educate but do not sell. Social media marketing is different from paid advertising. Instead of taking a marketing approach (i.e. promoting your product directly), think about how you can help and inform your target audience. For example, try to give something useful and reliable. Information that will help you build your reputation and customer relationships.

2. Create high-quality content. Whether you are part of a social networking site, set up your blog, or contribute to a blog, you need to develop interesting and high-quality content. What information would be useful to your target audience?

3. Start with small steps and build your success. You can get a feel for how social media sites work by commenting on other blogs or setting up your own blog. If you have a service-oriented small business, you may want to ask “Yahoo! Answer “. This website provides you with a way to share your knowledge with people looking for specific information.



4. Leave your name and URL when you comment on other blogs. This will help increase traffic to your website, especially if you provide useful or interesting information.

5. Consider video and/or photo sharing. If you work with a video camera, you may want to consider “how-to” videos or your business trips. These videos can be shared on appropriate social media websites (such as YouTube).

You can also take photos of your products and share these photos with people Is interested (for example, using Flickr). One word of caution though – avoid aggressive or aggressive sales tactics on these websites.

6. Join online groups or mailing lists of products and services you offer. Join these groups and provide information and support.

7. Understand how social media websites work. These sites are about connecting and collaborating. Take a cooperative, supportive approach and be an active collaborator. These sites generally have rules against aggressive sales tactics.

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