If you can create quality content, you will no doubt want to get it viral and get eyewitness through as many people as possible – even better if those eye owners are your target market. Chances are.

You can not only increase visits to your website but also increase conversions, increase loyalty to your products and services, verify your industry position and increase brand awareness.

Just go through the video to explore content promotion checklist.


So what are the best places to share your quality content?

As with all marketing, you need to know your demographic and relate to the kind of content you are creating. Few sites on the net are going to attract specific users – your first task is to determine where your potential buyers are turning from.

And, definitely you are not short of the choices. let’s have a look:

Social media sites

Social media has changed the way we communicate, accessing, buying and selling information. Each social media site has a slightly different dimension and therefore attracts a specific user or is used for specific purposes. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for your business page and ads but they are mostly socially oriented. So keep this in mind when posting. This is not the place to describe your latest product and super offers. But an article that interests your industry with a link to your site and services can be really effective. Click here to reach the best social media marketing tool for free trial.

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The professional touch

When that article needs to be consumed by a professional audience you need to think about LinkedIn or even Google+. The former also has great group sections that focus on any topic, industry, or specific topic you love. This ensures that your article is likely to be read by your target market who are interested in specific topics.

Something that an eye catches

The Internet is a very visible place now. Everyone love videos and graphics and according to a recent survey by Ipsos [OTX] are the most likely types of content to be watched & shared. So make sure your articles have graphics or video to keep up with that dwindling attention span on Monday mornings. The top sites for sharing photos are Instagram, Pinterest and Flicker.


Just go through the video above for killer content tactics

Do share and link at the same time

Guest blogs or business articles are the most effective way to get links to your website. If you liaise with a webmaster of another website (within the same industry but not a competitor) he may welcome an article to his site. As well as creating additional shared content, you are also building a very powerful link.

Those Article sites

There are many article sites that allow you to submit your high quality articles. which will give your website more exposure, more credibility and more traffic. Some are tougher than others so make sure you read their “Article Submission Rules”.

One of the rules is, there is no direct sale, however … you can add your personal biography where you can add a free gift.


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Google news

Google News Feed easily reach an international audience. Readers can filter the feed for the news topics they want so that they know they will receive news about their favorite topics. You can apply here to have your articles on Google News.

Specialized unique content

Some great sites have also been set up for all your expert content. Why not use the recent training presentation on PowerPoint as a marketing tool? SlideShare is very popular and was set up to cater to this phenomenon. Are you a designer at heart? Infographics are really big right now and can turn irritating information into a pretty phenomenon, Visually may be the site you are looking for.

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