What is an Email service provider (ESP)?

Email Service Provider (ESP)


Email Service Provider (ESP) Allows users to send email campaigns to their list of users.

Email service providers are technology companies that make it easy for individuals to create email lists and send emails. As email marketing has become a more popular marketing channel, more and more email service providers have emerged to offer different services.

At the most basic level, ESP needs to do two things: store email addresses and send emails.

A more advanced email service provider offers additional features, including:

  • Dynamic content in email
  • Email and marketing automation
  • Main capture form
  • A/B examination of email subject lines and email content
  • A/B test of complete automation
  • Website tracking to gather more information about users
  • Separation based on customer interest

If you are looking for the best email service providers today, you have come to the right place.

Finding the best email service providers today is easy. Sign up with the ISP and you have an account to get started. Creating an account with Google, Microsoft or other big names will give you more benefits. Buy a good web hosting package and you can get enough email addresses to run a big business, all at no extra charge. Learn about Can-SPAM.

But choosing the best email service provider for you can be difficult because there are so many things to consider – especially remote work these days. What are the types of spam filters? How easy is it to keep your inbox in order? Can you access the account from other email clients? And what about using a custom domain and service with your own address (yourname@yourdomain.com)?

Keep reading and we will highlight some of the best email service providers around. All of these have good free services, possibly advertising, and some limitations, but we will also talk about their business-friendly commercial products that offer customers the energy, functionality, and enterprise-level additional features they demand.

1. Gmail


Gmail ESP


Launched in 2004, Google Gmail has become a market leader in free email services with over one billion users worldwide.

Gmail’s stripped-back web interface is a highlight. Minimal toolbars and most of the other confusing screen space are assigned to your inbox. Messages are well organized through conversations for easy viewing and you can easily read and reply to emails even as a first-time user.

There is so much power here. Dynamic Mail makes Gmail more interactive, with the ability to take action directly on the email itself, such as filling out a questionnaire or replying to a Google Docs comment. Messages are automatically filtered into tabbed categories such as basic, social and promotional, to help you focus on the content you need. Popular spam blocking keeps your inbox free of junk, you can manage other accounts from the same interface (Outlook, Yahoo, any other IMAP or POP email) and you have 15GB of storage for your inbox, drive, and photos.

You can also access Gmail offline, but you need Google Chrome for that. Additionally, there is a nice pause feature that allows you to remember emails correctly for a specific period of time (which automatically labels that email as important).

2. Outlook


MS Outlook


Outlook’s web interface follows the familiar style of its desktop avatar and many other email clients: folder and organizational tools on the left, content in the current folder in the middle, and a simple preview pane (with ads) on the right. Case).

The toolbar gives you quick access to simple features and shows you everything else by right-clicking on a folder or message. If you ever use any other email client, you will find important details in moments.

Despite the apparent simplicity, a lot is going on under the hood. The service automatically detects important emails and keeps them in the same inbox, making any distractions invisible. Events, including flights and dinner reservations, are automatically added to your calendar. It’s easy to share that calendar with other Outlook.com or Office 365 users, or you can save your events to a family calendar that everyone can access. Additionally, there are some interesting features, such as the ability to add polls directly to your Outlook email.

Excellent attachment support includes the ability to share OneDrive files directly as copies or links. You can add files directly from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box accounts, and the Chunky 15GB Mailbox allows you to store tons of files from other people.

All of these work well for us, but if you are dissatisfied with the service defaults, you can adjust them through Outlook.com’s Settings dialog. It does not have many options like Gmail, but they are well organized and give you control over the layout, attachment rules, message management, and more.

If that’s not enough, Microsoft provides app-based integration to take the service even further. You get built-in Skype support through beta and the apps give you easy access to Evernote, PayPal, GIPHY, Yelp, Uber, and more. Learn about Drip Marketing.

Upgrading to Office 365 gives you an add-on inbox, 50GB of mail storage, and 1TB of OneDrive storage. Additional features include working offline, professional message formatting tools, phone or chat-based support, file recovery from malicious attacks such as ransomware, and more. Oh, the latest versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint‌. All of these can be less than $ 7 per month on your single-user Office 365 personal plan or you can pay $ 70 per year.

3. Yahoo


Yahoo ESP


Yahoo Mail is not so popular these days, but its latest version is an improved and professional service that stands out against the top competition.

The well-designed interface is similar to Gmail, at first glance, with a large view of your inbox, easy access to all emails in one-click filters, and conversations for simple messages and content (photos, documents, travel). With browsing. But you can also manage mail as custom folders and adjust the layout to display message previews in a few clicks. Mobile users have the option to unsubscribe from newsletters and some additional features without leaving the Yahoo Mail inbox.

The powerful built-in engine can integrate with Facebook, support SMS and text messaging, access the web, POP, and (in some cases) IMAP, and forward the email to another address. Valuable extras include non-reusable email addresses to protect your privacy and huge 1TB mailbox storage means you can keep everything you get for a long time.

Consumers who demand may find problems over time. For example, the mail organization does not match the convenience of Gmail’s labeling scheme and does not have the low-level tweaks, settings, and options that you often see anywhere. Overall though, Yahoo Mail is an attractive service on your email shortlists. Learn about practical email marketing ideas.

Like other providers, Yahoo offers a business mail plan with more features. Among other benefits, highlight the use of the service with a custom domain (yourname@yourdomain.com). The service can import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and more. You can view all your mailboxes on a single screen and have all the usual business-friendly productivity tools (multiple calendars, document management, analytics, and more).

Prices start at $ 3.19 per mailbox per month, are billed annually, and decrease when you add mailboxes – $ 1.59 to 5, $ 1.19 to 10 and you need 20+ to contact them. Additionally, another price plan called Yahoo Mail Pro is available for $ 3.49 per month. It gives you an ad-free inbox, basic customer support, and additional features.

Hope You find this content interesting. Don’t forget to share and leave comments. Thank You.

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