In the advanced search, you can perform a complicated cross-search by combining them using operators . ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– —————————

[Between the item AND , OR , NOT in-front, middle and backward] set to search together]

From the drop-down menu to the right of the input field, the AND or OR or NOT Choose whether or forward or intermediate or rear

AND        ” AND ” will search for data that includes both and B.  

OR           ” OR ” will search for data that contains either or B.  

NOT        ” NOT ” will search for data that contains but does not contain B.  

Forward → “Before” searches for words that are entered with a prefix match at the beginning.

Intermediate → “Intermediate” searches for words that include the phrase entered in the intermediate match.

Back → “Back” searches for words that have a suffix entered at the end.

[Search using the search operator (* + /) ]

1 in one search term input field, you can search by specifying the operator.

  • When performing AND search → Enter ” A * B “. Or “separated by spaces A B type“.
  • When performing an OR search → Enter ” A + B
  • When performing a NOT search → Enter ” A / B

[Use () to perform priority search]

When entering search criteria in combination with the search operator ( * + / ) , you can specify the priority with ( ) . 

For example, if you enter the search condition “U.S.A + ( world / ( world history * history))

Search for items that include “world”, excluding those that include both “world history” and “history”, or items that include “U.S.A”.

Title (full text)

[Perform an exact match search using \ ( keyword search only ) ]

If you add “\” after the search term, only those that match the specified phrase will be searched.

For example, if you enter the following, only the title “History of U.S.A” will be searched.

* Prefix search is a search method that searches for matches from the beginning of the search term.

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