What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?



Accelerated mobile pages are special versions of web pages, adapted and optimized for mobile phones. This topic is important to study since browsing from mobile devices has overtaken browsing from desktop devices. The mobile user requires a quick display of web pages and in turn optimized for this type of device.

This type of publication for mobile (in browsers and web views) is a novel technology that has already caught the attention of the large content publishers and of the main technology platforms of content management for websites, including WordPress.

AMP is designed for a fast and 100% functional page publication on all devices, mobile phones, and desktops, but especially optimized for everything that is mobile, which requires a maximum of speed and a minimum of resource consumption.

The problem that this new trend seeks to solve is that 75% of websites take more than ten seconds to load while 53% of users abandon it within three seconds.

  • AMP’s technology, Accelerated Mobile Pages for its acronym in English, seeks to improve the experience of users who consume content mainly through their phones.
  • It is a project led by Google that seeks to generate greater comfort for the user, leaving behind slow web pages, with a heavy code structure for enjoyable mobile browsing.
  • To enjoy the content, the user does not have to install any type of software, it will be loaded natively in Google for the mobile version.

Here are some technical aspects related to its components:

AMP HTML: Similar to the HTML we know, with some variations on some tags. They usually start with AMP.

AMP JS: The AMP project has a unique feature and that is that in one way or another it limits javaScript to improve performance. Something particular is that we can use a guideline on our portals and users will not be able to use adblockers.

AMP Cache: Google provides a kind of CDN or cache that is hosted in various parts of the world, allowing faster response speeds and less dependency on a single data center.

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