We have all heard about AI taking our jobs. Technological integration and the growth of robots, where machines can take over the world and control our lives. Sure, these scenes are common occurrences in Hollywood scripts, but academic and industrial research suggests that machine intelligence is far from reaching such a pervasive and ubiquitous state, absolutely anywhere near that point. There it dominates human intelligence in all its forms.

So, where is Artificial Intelligence today? What are the latest and greatest research advances and what to expect in the near future?

Let’s take a look.

Annual AI Overview

Two tech investors, Ian Hogarth and Nathan Benich, have been describing AI status every year since 2018. They issued

2021 report in October of this year.

Hogarth and Benich scrutinize the Global Artificial Intelligence Playfield. They define AI as: “The multidisciplinary field of science and engineering aimed at building intelligent machines.”

The results of the report are based on:

  • Research: Significant new scientific discoveries and discoveries.
  • Talent: Availability and concentration of AI professionals.
  • Industry: Leading AI applications and businesses Interests.
  • Politics: Towards the Role of Intelligent Technologies
  • Economy, society, and geopolitical dynamics.
  • Estimates: A review of past state estimates AI reports and new predictions for the near future.

Current status of AI

First, let’s look at how the report works with some of this Last year’s estimates. The following estimates:

What you thought was coming true …

Estimation: 10 trillion parameter density
Perceived: Microsoft trained the model with 32 trillion

What this means: Advanced complex AI models that can be learned And indicate high dimensional properties, approaching


AI trends & predictions in 2022


Human intelligence

  • Estimate: $ 1 billion IPO for AI-based
  • Drug Discovery Startups
  • Retrieved: NASDAQ IPO: April 16, 2021 Recursion and
  • Expected October 1, 2021.
  • Estimation: Deepmind thrives
  • Advances in Drug Discovery Technology.
  • Perceived: Deepmind has released Alphafold 2.

What this means: AI applications are reaching out to health care

Estimation: Acquisition of NVIDIA’s ARM
Not completed in 2021.
Perceived: Purchase in progress
Screening before final control approval.

What this means: Large technology companies interested in building

  • Partnerships that enable the industry to lead
  • Focuses on AI, computing, and chip design. Government Authorities, on the other hand, are concerned about mistrust.
  • And anti-competitive activities by major players.

The future of AI

Now, let’s look at recent developments and new expectations

  • From this year’s report. We will break it down into four categories: Research The practice of self-monitoring is a new state of the art.
  • Computer-focused applications. Facebook AI SEER model
  • Trained on Billion Instagram Images Model with 84.2% accuracy on image net data
  • Self-attention models for speech recognition are a staple of the State of the Art AI models. For example,
  • Conformer model and point transformer work better
  • Previous Model Architectures for AI-Based Speech Application.

Industrial research ideas are spreading openly


Artificial intelligence


  • Sources and academic research. For example, Alphafold 2 Led to the invention of large language models for the Structure of functional protein structures.
  • The gaming industry continues to reinvent
  • Research learning. The latest project aimed at Muzero To master complex games such as chess and atari Without having to teach the rules to the AI ​​model.
    (Understand the difference between supervised and unsupervised ml.)


  • Brazil and India employ three times as many AI talents Compared to 2017 — that is, the world’s population is getting ready
  • To enhance development in that area. Chinese companies are the largest contributor to AI
    The research community in terms of high-quality quantities Research.
  • China is also lagging behind in STEM Ph.D. development With the US, especially in the AI-based research domain.
  • Educational/industry transformation is gaining popularity. Many academics are increasingly moving to industries,
  • Tech giants Google, Amazon, in particular, And Microsoft. This trend is in exponential growth and
    As a result, the student/teacher ratio is compromised.


Computer vision techniques are being used to identify the most powerful drug for each cancer patient.

AI-based microscopy is used to determine the growth trajectory of cancer cells and provides a statistically significant improvement in non-progressive survival compared to conventional early treatment methods.

Real-time computer vision is being used to reduce injuries in construction and production lines.

Energy demand estimation is increasingly using AI methods to estimate consumer demand and plan energy distribution and supply accordingly. This supply is unique in that it integrates green power generation systems such as wind and solar power systems into the grid.

These green systems do not produce energy with high expectations. Therefore, the green energy supply is designed using AI methods and optimized against Unexpected demand in real-time.


The departure of Dr. Timnit Gebro from Google has raised concerns about the AI ​​research community. Dr. Gebro was fired for disagreeing with a research paper that said there was a risk of bias and increased energy consumption. Using a larger language model.

68% of AI researchers believe that AI security research should be given priority. In practice, less than 100 researchers from leading AI organizations are working on this AI Alignment is an issue related to aligning AI goals with ethics and security.

AI predictions for the year 2022


Finally, here are some interesting predictions in the field of artificial intelligence for the year 2022:


AI trends & predictions in 2022


DeepMind will continue to release new advances in AI systems in physics.

AI systems based on reinforcement learning continue to achieve better performance and improved performance in complex and feature-rich video games.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) companies and teams are set up to target hyper-intelligence in specific industrial areas such as life sciences.

ASML, the sole manufacturer of sophisticated chip makers, is expected to reach $ 500 billion by 2022.

So, this is what AI be like in the year 2022

It remains to be seen how many of these will be successful in the coming year.

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