Free is awesome. Anything “free” in particular will give you extra traffic, money, rank, fame, and sales. Thankfully, there are tons of free SEO tools. The downside is that some of these free tools are useless.

I want to offer you a collection of the best free SEO tools. It is natural, intelligent, effective, powerful, and (best of all) it is completely free.

Best Free SEO Tools List For 2022

When creating content online, it is important to have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy along with your content strategy. Doing so will keep your posts as optimized as possible. SEO tools can help you identify ways to improve your site’s innovation.

For the inexperienced SEO may seem depressing, but there are many free SEO tools that are as powerful as their paid counterparts.

#1. Google Analytics


google analytics


Google Analytics is a popular free and by far the best tool that provides in-depth data about your website. Even if you rely on paid SEO tools, it is essential to use GA to analyze site traffic over time.

It can also provide you with valuable information about your audience, where they are, what kind of devices they use, and their population.

It is the most effective analytics tool (free!) For businesses of all sizes. Even if you are new to SEO, you can easily use Google Analytics to demonstrate success or failure with evidence and data.

#2. Google Search Console


Search console dashboard


Another important tool for any SEO is the Google search console. It allows you to measure your site search traffic, find out which keywords your site ranks, and identify technical flaws.

GSC reports common errors, including index coverage, core web key reports, and mobile usage.

There is no better way than Google to identify and troubleshoot issues related to your Google search performance. This allows you to see the exact issues that Google sees when crawling and indexing your site.

You Can:

  • Test different URLs to see how Googlebot understands them
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Request indexing of URLs
  • Access information such as clicks, impressions, CTR, and average keyword position

#3. Answer The Public


free SEO tools 2022


Search for 150+ keyword solutions in seconds.

Most SEO tools get their data from one place: Google Keyword Planner.

The answer is separate.

This amazing tool finds questions people ask on forums, blogs, and social media.

And it turns those questions into amazing keywords:

Best Feature: “Vs. Keywords”

You will be amazed at Answer The Public how many people search for the keyword “X vs Y” on Google.

(For example: “iPhone vs. Android” or “SEMRush vs. Ahrefs”.)

And the answer has a results section dedicated to public “vs”. Keywords “.

#4. Seed keyword

Discover completely new keyword solutions.

Most keyword research tools work exactly the same way:

  • Enter the Seed Keyword in the tool.
  • Get a list of closely related words.

The problem with this approach is that:

All of these tools type the same seed keyword.

Well, seed keywords take a completely different approach.

Instead of blowing the seed keywords out of the air, you ask how your customers will find you online.

And then, type those seed keywords into your favorite keyword research tool.

Best Feature: “Submit Question”

Once the results are complete, you can use seed keywords to do a Google search for the keywords that people have provided you.

That way you can quickly scan search results… and see how competitive those keywords are.

#5. Google Trend


Google trend


Not sure where to start with content planning? Google Trends is a handy topic research tool that provides insight into what people are looking for and where they are looking from.

You can search for broader topics, compare the two topics, or start by examining recently discussed topics.

By tracking the popularity of a topic related to your business you will be able to stay at the top of the trends. Or on the other hand, you can avoid wasting time and resources creating content about declining topics.

#6. CaniRank

Answer the question quickly: “Can I rank this keyword?”.

CanIRank is an ultra-detailed keyword complex tool.

And unlike most free SEO tools, CanIRank does not give you general advice:

“This keyword is really competitive”
“This keyword is less competitive”

Instead, it lets you know if you can rank that keyword.

Very quiet.

Best Feature: “How can you target this keyword?”

CanIRank is not just about creating front-page competition.

It also provides tips to help you rank for a specific position.

#7. Google My Business


free seo tools 2022


If you run a business with a physical store, use Google My Business (recent Google Business profile left) to claim your business listing and appear in Google Maps, Knowledge Panel, and Local Pack.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile profile is the first step you want to take. Make sure your bells and address are correct, add photos and videos, and respond to all reviews. Doing so will give your business a local rank.

If you are willing to spend time and effort optimizing your Google listings, it is possible to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Your competitors may consider it a “set and forget” task, meaning they will miss the opportunity to add new posts, keep questions fresh, respond to reviews, add photos, and upload offers.

#8. Exploding Topics

Find the keywords that are popular before you get into the competition.

Exploding Topics  free SEO tool does a simple job:

It just bubbles up the trending stuff.

That way, you can create content around these emerging trends (or change your old content to suit the new keyword).

This tool currently has about 2k topics in its database. And they are adding more each week.

Best Feature: Categories

Categories allow you to do in-depth research on a specific topic category that is important to your business.

For example, suppose you manage marketing for a skincare brand. Well, you can click on “Beauty” and you will get a list of things that are emerging in that place.

#9. Smallseotools


free seo tools list 2022


Small SEO tools have noticed that many people do not have access to premium quality SEO tools and more, they can use them for free. And because of this, many marketers are not getting much of their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. This is a big problem, especially for low-level consumers.

With that came the emergence of small SEO tools.
They are committed to it, so they offer SEO tools and utility100% free.

Their goal is to provide excellent SEO tools that can compete or outperform those paid for there – but are free to use by anyone.

Small SEO Tools focus on search engine optimization and content because they are the source of internet marketing. Once you get your content and SEO right, traffic and eventually your sales will go up.

SEO is very complex and not easily understood or implemented. We see this as an opportunity to help individuals – we are excited to make SEO easier for everyone through our tools, education, and community.

#10. Google Mobile-friendly test


free seo tools google mobile friendly test


Prepare your site for Google Mobile-First Indexing.

You may have heard that Google has recently made a big change in its algorithms.

(This change is officially called “mobile-first indexing”.)

The bottom line is:

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you’re in big trouble.

Fortunately, you do not need a full-time developer to make your site mobile-friendly. You need to run your site through a mobile-friendly test tool.

And let you know if Google considers your site mobile compatible.

Best Feature: “Page loading issue”

This feature shows you how you can improve your site code. That way, Google Mobile Crawler can find and index all the resources on your site.

#11. Seobility

Get in-depth SEO site analysis.

Seobility crawls your entire site and notifies you of search engine optimization issues:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked page
  • Sitemap issues
  • Technical SEO issues
  • & much more

You usually only get these types of stuff with paid SEO tools. So it is really nice that Seobility is giving you this data for free.

Best Feature: Content Reports

This report gives you a list of pages that have content-related SEO issues.

(Thin content, missed meta titles, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content.)

Other best free SEO tools from Google

No Doubt Google is the leading search engine and most of the website firms design their SEO strategy as per google requirements. The free SEO utility provided by google help developers to check into the area they are lacking in and subsequently improve and rank above in SERPs. Some other important tools from Google which one cannot ignore are:

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio allows users to combine data from various Google tools, such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, to generate interactive reports.

Data Studio is a great free reporting tool for displaying real-time data and historical comparisons.

As Google puts it, “Combined resources reveal valuable relationships between your data sets. Creating composite charts directly in the data studio eliminates the need to transfer your data to other applications, thus saving you time and effort.”

Google pagespeed Insights


google algorithm latest updates


Page speed is a matter of ranking factor and user experience, so it is important to be at the top of it. You can use this tool to understand your page speed score and learn how to improve it.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights takes into account optimizing your site load times. It also prioritizes issues for you with clear tips and expected time savings.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that can help you choose the right keywords for your advertising campaign.

All you have to do is enter the seed keyword (or specific URL) and you will receive keyword measurements along with details of the average monthly search volume and level of competition.

While there are definitely more in-depth keyword research tools out there, it can be helpful to know the competition level and bid expectations from Google. This is a high-level way to confuse ideas for publicity.

So, This was our selected list of the best free SEO tools for 2022. Hope You really find it useful. If You really liked our work and want some more amazing content like this then don’t forget to share and leave comments. Thank you.


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