If you are trying to master PPC, especially Google Ads, you need to have a complete understanding of Quality Score. This is because your quality score can have a huge impact on the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. Just as your credit score affects whether you qualify for a loan and how high your interest rate is, the Google quality score affects the performance of your PPC advertising and how much you pay for each click.

What is Google Ads Quality Score?

Quality score is the quality of both your keyword and PPC ads and the Google rating of the Google image. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and is multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank during the ad auction process. Your quality score depends on a number of factors, including:

Your click-through rate (CTR).
Each keyword is related to its ad group.
Landing page quality.
image of your ad text.
Performance of your historic Google Ads account.
These are the main quality score components. Every factor called “weights” in the quality score algorithm is unknown to anyone outside of Google, but we know that the click-through rate is the most important component. When more people click on your ad, it’s a strong signal to Google that your ad is relevant and useful to users. Accordingly, Google will reward you:

High ad ranking
Lowest rates

Just go through the video below giving 5 tips to increase the quality score of your Google Ads.



How do you improve your Google Ads quality score?

Since the quality score in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads‌ determines where and how often your ads appear, it is important to work consistently on your account to increase your rating. This can be achieved by focusing your efforts on several key areas:

Keyword research – Discover new, highly relevant keywords to add to your campaigns, including long-range possibilities that contribute to your overall traffic.

Keyword Organization – Divide your keywords into tight, organized groups that are more effectively associated with personal advertising campaigns.

Purifying Ad Text – Test the PPC ad copy that is most targeted to your personal ad groups. More effective ads receive higher CTRs, which is one of the best ways to improve the quality score.

Optimizing landing pages – Follow the best practices of landing pages to create pages that connect directly to your ad groups and provide a seamless experience for visitors from keywords to conversions.

Checking Negative Keywords – Constantly researching, locating, and removing irrelevant search terms that are wasting your budget.

As you can see, the quality score is basically a measure of the image, and improving the keyword quality score is about making your PPC campaigns into a group of small, well-organized, tight keywords. Improved keyword research and organization will naturally improve the quality and uniqueness of your ads and website content, allowing you to target the exact audience to search for your submissions.

A low Google ads quality score is mainly the result of a mismatch between keywords, ad groups, ad text, and landing page content. A high-quality score comes naturally when the keywords in the Google Ads account are organized into landing pages that link to the appropriate ad groups, ad text for specific ad groups, and ad text offers. While there is no simple, easy answer to improving your quality score formula, paying close attention to the Ad campaign will greatly improve your score.


Google ads quality score


Why a quality score is important?

From Google’s point of view, the quality score is important because it represents the user’s search query related to ads. Google is the top search engine and they want to keep it that way, and the quality score helps users confirm that the ads they are looking for are relevant to their search query.

From an advertiser perspective, a quality score is important for a number of reasons. This metric keyword determines whether you are eligible to enter the auction and, therefore, whether your ad will be displayed for a user query on the Google search network. In addition, the CPC determines the quality score of the ad along with the bidding and this is very important – especially for advertisers with limited budgets. The ad rank principle for the Google search network is as follows:

Ad rank = CPC bid × Quality score

As a factor in determining the quality score ad rank, advertisers with a small budget may find it more difficult to optimize their accounts and stay in the top ad position despite their bids being higher than competitors with a lower quality score. The quality score also affects ad placement in Google Display Network. The ad rank formula for keyword-targeted ads is as follows:


Google ads quality score


Ad Rank = Display Network Bid × Quality Score

Google will consider your bid for placement-targeted ads in GDN, ad groups, or individual placements and your ad group quality score. The ad rank formula for location-targeted ads on the Google Display Network is as follows:

Advertising Rank = Bid ​​× Quality Score

Ultimately, the quality score affects the progress and success of your account. If your keyword-level quality score is too low, your keyword may not even enter the auction, meaning your ad will not appear and the search will not compete for business. The lower your quality score, the lower your ad rank, which means less traffic and less ROI to your site.

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