It’s 2021 and you may be wondering what this could affect your search engine rankings in a significant way this year. Well, now we will try to describe the best changes and styles that are expected to happen in the domain of SEO (search engine optimization) this year.

Top Game-Changing SEO Trends for 2021

Great value for voice search and digital assistants

Voice search is said to be the next big thing in SEO. There may be experts who may be completely unsure of such a statement but also cannot deny the fact that voice search is popular and insane. There are some facts that need attention in this context.

Forty percent of adults worldwide do voice searches at least once a day. Since 2008 Google has seen a 3500 percent increase in the volume of voice search. 20% of all searches on mobile devices for voice search. This is why if you are as smart as an SEO person you can start adding your content and keep this future trend in mind.

Google Mobile = Original Index

In 2017 Google announced that it would switch to the first mobile phone. In layman’s terms, this could mean that from now on Google will take the mobile version of your site as a real or actual version of your site.

In fact, this will work even if people search from a desktop. This is a logical step in the sense that currently, more than 60 percent of Google users are out of mobile devices. One expects to grow only in the coming days. It is true that the guide will still come online but it can come any day. That’s why it’s best to be prepared for the same.

Let’s have a look at some of the game-changing SEO trends in 2021:


Top SEO trend in 2021

A.I and machine learning

It was on October 26, 2015, that Google came out with an algorithm update called Rain Brain. In a recent interview, Google also said that its Rain Brain AI (intelligence) system is doing the third most important thing in terms of its standard algorithm.

It is just as important with links and content. Rain Brain is used by Hummingbird, Google’s first search algorithm, to process search results from millions of pages in its database and come up with the most effective details for a particular query.

Featured captions, and quick answers

According to SEO currently affecting the captions included is a hot topic. With each passing day, we see a number of such captions from various queries that may be growing. The main reason for this is the fact that Google is constantly trying to provide its user feedback in a very short time.

The Ahrefs recently came up with a study in which it is clear that there are many people who use these captions and are quick to calculate with the largest piece of click assignment.

In fact, it appears that when a search query shows a click-through (CTR) snapshot of the top organic result of that search, it falls below 20 percent. In the absence of such captions, CTR increases to 26%.

It is estimated that approximately 51 percent of the website traffic that your website receives comes from live searches. This is why it is so important to keep up to date with the latest developments.


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Google’s quick responses are basically the most visible text responses and the link that appears right there in the top section of the Google SERPs.

It is said that it can give your live traffic a significant boost, to slow it down. Quick Answers comprise about 40 percent of specific types of questions. If your page has a quick response box with a fixed result it will do much better than with a high-quality result.

Click-through traffic that passes through faster responses can cause major conversions and revenue on your site. If your site has not yet reached the top of the SERP Quick Answers can help you get more traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is like an engine that will ensure that your cart – the content of the page in this case – attracts passengers. If it is not in good condition your site would not have the intended effect.

The best time to consider professional SEO is when a website is built – if you can’t do that it can mean that over time, you will have to do an SEO test to find the problems and fix them. You can be sure that it will take a very long time. It is uncertain how long it will take and how hard it will be.


Just go through the video above How SEO will change in 2021? by Niel Patel


It was in 2017 that Google announced that RankBrain would be its 3rd crucial factor in terms of ranking. In fact, since its launch, RankBrain has been the third most important signal contributing to the search query.

As Google refines its algorithm RankBrain is expected to be even more important in 2021. Now, you might ask what RankBrain is and in what ways you can do the same. Yes, RankBrain is a machine learning program that should help Google filter various search results. It basically measures how users interact with search results and ranks them according to those criteria.

It focuses on two main things – how much time you spend on the page or stay time, and the percentage of people who click on your result or click-through rate.

The quality of the links rather than the quantity

Ever since backlinks are considered in SEO it has continued to be the biggest breadwinner for SEO professionals. However, when Google saw that people were starting to misuse this process to build a site quotient for your site authority came up with an algorithm called Penguin in 2012 to fix things.

Since then the sites have had no choice but to get incoming links from reputable sources. It is true that you will find juice from such sources Google search robots are slow and this means that backlinks are becoming less and less important. Now the link source is no longer important.

Having a link to your site will not get you where you want to go. Search engines are now able to establish links between affiliates of businesses such as products, organizations, institutions, and individuals without the need to link to a relevant web page. Links are still expected to be somewhat important but the content around the text you are associated with will be more important.

Improving organic CTR

It is very important to get a CTR in 2021 if you wish to do well ahead of SEO this year. One of the main reasons for this is RankBrain but there are other reasons as well. In a recent sector study, organic CTR was found to be 37 percent lower than in 2015.

The main reason for that is the fact that Google uses the popularity of answer boxes, carousels, ads, and categories such as “People and ask”. If you want your website to stand out and not be ignored you will have to make sure it is so good that it almost announces that you clicked on it.



Great value for videos

The world of online videos has never been so hot. Cisco says by 2021 online videos will account for 80 percent of all traffic on the web.

Experts estimate that at present 80 percent may not be enough to meet the growing demand for videos worldwide. There may be more videos than ever in the visible world right now and the number will only grow in the coming days.

However, HubSpot says 43 percent of these people will still be satisfied. They want more. This means that if you do not add video content, be sure to stay behind.

Encouraging comments on the site

It is very important that you encourage people to come and comment on your website as that can greatly help your standards. In fact, it was in 2018 that Google said blog ideas were important in terms of standards.

In 2021 Google went on to say that in terms of site engagement signals it was a concern that commenting was more important than crossing over to various social forums.

This basically means that Google may want your site to be a functional community of sorts. It is expected that in 2021 they will pay even more attention to the standard viewing area.

The detailed and in-depth content can be effective

A few days ago Google analyzed the value of a page by looking at the number of times a keyword was used. They focused on 100 percent of the content of your site to mention. Normally, a Google spider would come to your page in case your keyword was present in such areas as the title tag, the URL (the same resource location), the ALT image text, the description tag, and the H1 tag.

Google Spider is still looking for such information but Google is much smarter now. They are now focused on context and only content. Google is committed to showing its users the best results and as seen in many cases the best content is not the one with the most keywords. Instead, they are the ones that provide complete information about the topic on one page itself.


Game changing SEO trend in 2021

User experience signal 

Google is always refining its search engine algorithm and trying to make it more sophisticated than ever. This is why it is focusing on quality content as well as user experience (UX) as far as rankings are concerned. Google always looks for the best content. But at the same time, it is also aware of the sites and pages that are making users happy.

You will see these days that major brands like Amazon are always redesigning their websites at regular intervals. They are doing this to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of their user base. Google algorithms are now also focusing on factors such as speed, layout, and ease of navigation.

In addition, you also need to look at ways to use the growing features of Google SERPs, create rich snippets carefully, increase your page speed, make your page more relevant, and keep in mind that SERPs are much more personal. 


If you want to succeed with search engines in 2021 it is very much important that you look beyond traditional approaches and focus your attention on areas such as site quality, mobile experience, and detailed content. However, in this particular regard, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

A successful SEO strategy is one that will work in 2021 as well as beyond. This is not something that goes to waste in a year or 2 down-line. It is very important that you keep an eye on the latest trends and tips in this regard so that you can stay updated at all times.

However, it is also important to have a sense of balance and not overdo things. For example, it will serve you well in most cases if you add keywords to your anchor text.

However, if you overdo it you lose the plot and it will definitely turn you upside down. The same principle applies when it comes to using keywords in your content, reusing content on different pages, and enabling comments on your site.

You may want to use pop-ups on your site to generate leads, but once again you need to exercise restraint in that regard. As an example, it would be better if you used these pop-ups only for your first-time visitors. This way, you can be sure that you are not bothering people with unwanted information every time they visit your website.

You can adopt a shortcut strategy and get away with it in the interim and make some profit. However, in the long run, you can be sure that it will not be that effective.

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