Twitter is a social network that shares some similarities with other social networking sites such as Facebook. In this guide of Twitter 2021, you will learn about various features and terminology which are used in Twitter which you will find really interesting.

It can be accessed via on a computer or via the Twitter app on a smartphone. Twitter can also be described as a “microblogging” service. Users can publish and share short messages called “tweets” with the world.

The first thing you see when you log in to your Twitter account is your Twitter feed – a constantly updated list of other people’s tweets.

People are using Twitter to keep up to date with the current affairs, events, and activities of their favorite celebrities. It is constantly updated and changing and gives users an ‘on-the-pulse feel — often mentioned before breaking news appears on Twitter.

Think of it as a continuous information cascade, where users can decide from whom they want to receive that information. Twitter is also very interactive – anyone can compose tweets and reply to other people’s tweets. aIf You are a beginner or new to Twitter You will really enjoy reading this guide.

Before continue reading just go through this video guide on Twitter. Make sure to go through the whole article.



The difference between Twitter and Facebook

If you know about Facebook ads (some things seem familiar on Twitter – you have a profile picture, you can post ‘updates’, you can see other people’s activity, and you can connect and communicate with others. 

Everything is public

Unlike Facebook, everything you post on Twitter is public and can be viewed by anyone in the world. Although it is possible to keep your account private, people generally use Twitter to spread their thoughts, ideas, and news to the world. It is not really designed for face-to-face, personal communication.

You have no ‘friends’

You can follow any other Twitter user without their permission or approval. This does not mean that you should get to know each other or that you are friends in real life – most people use Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities or brands.

The tweets are short

Twitter is not a place for long articles or updates. Your tweets are limited to a maximum of 140 characters in length, which promotes short, fast messages and updates.

If you have anything long to say, you can use Twitter to share a link to content on your website or elsewhere on the web. Bloggers, journalists, and news websites often use Twitter to inform their followers about news or articles on their websites.


twitter guide


Twitter guide 2021


Who is using Twitter?

Twitter has over 250 million active users worldwide (according to their corporate website) and 70% of them use Twitter on their mobiles. Although it is smaller than Facebook (which claims to have more than 1 billion active users), Twitter users are smaller, more diverse, and more likely to interact with their favorite brands. According to the report, Twitter is the most popular among 18-29-year-olds.

Learn lingo related to Twitter

Twitter uses a bit of terminology, which may seem a bit confusing at first.

The Twitter website has an excellent glossary with an extensive list of Twitter-related phrases. In addition to the description of each, we have selected some important words below.


Short message (limited to 140 characters) published on Twitter. Tweets contain text and images.

Hashtags (#)

A hashtag (denoted by a # symbol) is used to refer to a specific topic or topic of conversation, for example, #tennis, #news, or #funnymeme. You can click on the hashtag and see the list of tweets with the same hashtag. If a particular hashtag is used by a large number of people, it is said to be “trending”.

Follow and do not follow

If you “follow” another Twitter account, their tweets will appear in your Twitter feed (see below). You can select people “without following”.

Twitter feed

An influx of tweets from people you follow. Your feed is organized chronologically (i.e. latest tweets are at the top) and is constantly updated as people publish new tweets. This is the main theme of Twitter and the first thing you see when you log in.

Twitter handle

Your unique Twitter username. There is an @ sign next to the handle. For example, the CNN handle is @CNN. Uses up


If you want to communicate with another Twitter user, you can add their Twitter handle to your tweet. They will then be notified that you have specified them. You can interact or discuss with another user by ‘mentioning’ each other in your tweets (but keep in mind that your conversations are fully public). also, Learn TikTok tips from here.


twitter guide


The Answer

You can reply to a tweet by clicking the small “Reply” button next to it. Your answer begins with the other person’s username.

Retweet (RT)

If anyone likes your tweet, they can share it with their followers. This is called “retweeting”. Twitter will notify you when one of your tweets is retweeted.

Direct Message (DM)

Even though Twitter is public, you can still send a private message to another user (like email). This is called “direct messaging”. These messages are also limited to 140 characters and you can send the message directly to anyone who follows you.


If you follow a lot of people, you can manage them in different lists. These include friends, celebrities, news, jobs, and more.

Getting started with Twitter‌


Twitter guide


The best way to get a grip with Twitter‌ is to dive and get your hands on *****. It may seem a little scary if you have never used it before, but fear not! The Twitter website holds your hand and tells you what to do next – choosing a username, finding interesting people, and writing your first tweet. Explore best social media marketing tools from here.

You only need an email address to create an account. To sign up, go to or download the Twitter app for your phone or tablet and follow the instructions.

Using Twitter for Your Business

Many brands and companies have a Twitter profile and it is not uncommon for ****** companies to hire an expert to manage their Twitter account. The BBC, the Prime Minister, and the Queen also have an official Twitter presence.

Twitter potentially gives you the opportunity to do the same with traditional advertising with thousands of viewers and your customers. However, even a double-edged sword can sometimes be terribly wrong.

You can’t be out of control awkward

As a business, you can’t go inside advertising messages on TV or in print. Especially if you run a large or sometimes unpopular business – you need to be prepared for the potential backlash of scrutiny, satire return, and ridicule. Because, unlike traditional advertising, on Twitter, you are not in complete control – you share power with your audience. It can be scary, but it can be very effective if you do it the right way.


twitter guide 2021


See the Innocent Drinks Twitter account as a great example for a company that understands its audience and loves to interact with them.

Maintaining your company Twitter account can be fun and can really help you increase sales if done right. If you are confident enough and you can devote enough time to it, go out there all the way and do it!

Final Thoughts

Twitter is the most powerful tool for companies that want to change the world. The key is to learn the most effective way to use real-time communication networks to achieve these goals.

At Twitter for Good, we explored how any business or firm works best on Twitter using a straightforward and efficient framework. The mission of Twitter – promoting public information – is at the heart of cause-based action and I hope my guide will help you to learn even more about Twitter…

Twitter works because it is simple and easy to use. The barrier to entry is low and the impact is high. As such, this transition balances the ground for activation. In turn, T.W.E.E.T. Social media platform is designed according to a single platform…

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