How to solve email marketing problems?

Email marketing is one of the most popular solutions for marketers to promote online businesses. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, there are many challenges in the way of strategizing the best email marketing plan. So, let’s go straight and learn what are the key challenges that businesses face with email marketing and how to overcome them.

Top 5 Email Marketing Challenges:


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1. Reduced delivery rates

The basic problem of delivery is getting accurate information and maintaining a record for each contact. Sometimes, the emails you send in email marketing campaigns may not be delivered to automatic or manual, intended customers or readers.

The delivery rate is the number of emails you send to your target audience, guided by the number of emails you receive via inbox and open rates and click-through rates. At the same time, the bounce rate is what happens when an email does not arrive in the inbox.

To improve the delivery rate, here are some tips:

Update your email list regularly: You can track metrics generated from audience information in marketing software such as CRMs such as Salesforce to update inactive contacts and keep the list consistent. Or you can hire a salesforce marketing cloud consultant to help you maintain a contact list. Allow contacts to update their information:

If you authorize your customers to change their information, such as email address, phone number, and other additional information, it will be easier to keep your information up to date.

2. Bad CTRs (click-through rates)

If your emails do not get enough clicks, it means that your content is not being forced or that you are failing to drive enough visitors to your website. Or your public rates may be reasonable, but they still do not count for email marketing campaign success. Identify this challenge that your products or services and website can identify. Here’s how you can fix a CTR skipping problem.

The best solution is to create a creative CTA. Are you adding multiple CTAs to your website page or adding boring CTA text to your email template? Send abandonment cart emails to people who have stopped by the payment gateway. Create OOTB CTAs and creative ways to motivate your audience to buy. You can rely on CTAs to drive visitors to the website and increase your visitor and engagement rates. Remember, the purpose of having a CTA is to guide your audience to your website or desired landing page.

3. Customer retention

Customer retention is a difficult task for many email marketers. While it is important to find new leads and opportunities to increase sales, it is also important to drive passive customers to build good business to increase customer engagement rates. Also, retaining your customers is the most challenging task. For email marketing tips click here.

There are some inorganic ways to achieve this, such as purchasing email lists, but it may not give good results. Additionally, it can cause you to lose your active customers. Therefore, you should focus on retaining your current customers and find ways to increase CTR and open rates rather than going on a spam list.


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To find a solution to overcome customer retention and improve the customer experience, you must strategize your email content to fit buyer personalities. To align your content with the personality of your audience, you should consult the best salesforce marketing cloud consultant.

They will provide you with an email section based on the behavior and interests of your intended audience. Additionally, they help you create content and manage email lists with automation and cloud features to help you scale your email marketing campaigns.

4. Inappropriate mobile optimization

Have you ever wondered why you are losing the engagement rate with your mobile audience? Today, most of your target audience comes from mobile devices, which is a direct reference to optimize your email for mobile devices. In order to make your email campaigns successful and optimize your customer experience, you need to improve mobile optimization.

To address this challenge you need to provide a seamless mobile experience with responsive email templates, optimized images and videos, and working links. Other tips include:

  • Keep your content short and concise
  • Write an attractive CTA
  • Use attractive pre-headers and content
  • Limit pre-header text or preview text to 40 characters
  • Test your email from mobile devices on the desktop

5. Drive the decline of spam complaints

Do you see repeated spam complaints from the intended audience? Well, this is a universal problem for every email marketer. This increased subscription rates mainly due to irrelevant content. Sometimes, even if you provide attractive and relevant content, it will fail to attract your audience. Therefore, it is necessary to find a permanent solution to this problem.

Empower your customers to choose subscriptions and customize options

Provide your readers and visitors with the ability to update the frequency of emails, newsletters, promotional emails.

Provide timely support to continuously increase the results of your email marketing campaign and listen to the voices of your target audience and customers.

How to overcome Email marketing challenges?

It takes some time to master the art of email marketing. However, here are some tips to help you overcome email marketing challenges or problems.


email marketing challanges


Start with the killer subject line:

You know about the classic adage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, right? Unfortunately, this does not work properly when it comes to email marketing.

Your subject line will entice your recipients to click and read the contents of the email, moving it to the trash can faster or worse to identify it as spam. 47% of email recipients only open email based on the subject line – therefore, it is important that you create a killer subject line to overcome the first hurdle.

  • Keep lowercase (ideally, 40 characters or less)
  • Stop the play, do not use capital letters and too many exclamation points
  • Use known keywords to increase open rates
  • Use emoji and numbers

Nail Email Structure:

When it comes to copywriting for the web, the structure is crucial. If someone is worried about opening your email, it is enough to use long paragraphs of information to click before they start reading. Following a logical structure and keeping your paragraphs concise and concise will help increase the readability of your emails.

And don’t forget about your Call to Action (CTA)! It should reflect what actions your users want to take after reading the email.

Find out who you are writing for:

Whatever product or service you are selling – you need to know who your audience is. Depending on the user base, each business will have a different experience with email campaigns.

Once you know who you are writing for, you can customize your copy to suit the needs of your customers. And if you are new to marketing, you can easily collect audience data using Google Analytics or your existing social media accounts.

Track your progress:


email marketing challanges


It is important to constantly track your email marketing performance. Here are some reliable metrics you should regularly measure to maintain a healthy email list and improve your campaigns – these include:

  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Non-membership rate
  • Complaint rate (how many recipients have marked your email as spam)
  • Exchange rate
  • Promotional ROI

Time is of the essence:

The success of your email can be determined by the time you send it. Because most people log out of work mode, the worst open and click-through rates occur on weekends. Although every business is different, using data to monitor when your customers open your email frequently can help you find that sweet spot where your open rates can skyrocket. Explore more email marketing topics from here.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing gives the expected results only when it is planned and strategic. There are many challenges and obstacles along the way, and marketers need to consider them.

There are many things to consider, from delivering emails to creating authentic content and engaging in CTAs. Therefore, to help you, we have covered some important challenges that need to be cleared up to get the desired results. We hope this helps!

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