What is Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising?

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest-growing ads today, especially since it is attractive in many ways. Case in point: It is fully resilient to certain issues plaguing online advertising.

DOOH offers some of the benefits of technology such as targeting and enhanced traffic data in online display advertising, but at the same time it is completely immune from ad blockers and the user cannot skip OOH ads. Learn about ROAS

Plus, DOOH requires a certain level of creativity to attract attention – diminished over time with online display advertising.

For a clear understanding of DOOH advertising just go through the video below.


What is a DOOH network?

Digital out-of-home network or DOOH network refers to digital media that appears in an environment accessible to the public. This includes digital billboards and outdoor signage, as well as on-screen networks found in businesses such as malls and healthcare providers. 

DOOH is a wide category, so you can find it almost everywhere. Go to the nearest business district and you will see large digital billboards, small digital signboards, and even small TV screens used to deliver content. All of these are examples of DOOH.
Here are some of the places where the DOOH network is frequently used:

  • Shopping Malls and Retail Stores
  • Movie Theaters and Arenas
  • Medical waiting room
  • Airports, train stations, and bus shelters

The high-tech benefits of DOOH Media


DOOH advertising
Source: clearcode


There are some significant advantages to choosing DOOH media over static forms of advertising.

A. Low maintenance cost

Traditional billboards bear the cost of printing and installation for each new ad. Displaying the latest content on digital billboards can be done automatically and in seconds. There is a high upfront cost to installing a digital screen, but it is a self-paying investment.

B. More diverse content

It also allows you to display many different pieces of digital content. With regular billboards, the same still image lasts for weeks, but digital advertising can change every 15 seconds. This change on the screen keeps viewers interested and more receptive to messaging.

C. Campaign creativity increased

DOOH is more effective when combined with other technologies to produce dynamic materials. Add display and ****** recognition technology and you can compare the content to the audience population.

Integrate weather data and you can create campaigns that change content based on sun or rain. When DOOH ads are combined with other sensors and software, there are endless possibilities for creativity, context, and imagery, most of which may not be possible with static displays.


DOOH advertising


D. Detailed playback reporting

Like online advertising, the software used to run the DOOH display also generates useful reports. This is an invaluable thing for marketers and network operators. Proof-of-play of content, schedule reports, and event reports allow to ensure the delivery of advertising materials when considering all relevant parties and to respond promptly to any issues.

E. Intensive demographics

Finally, DOOH media campaigns can also generate surprisingly useful viewer analytics. Examples of information may be the total number of people who saw the ads, their age and gender and when the majority of people saw the ads.

Advertisers have a better understanding of their impact and whether they have reached the right audience. Network owners value the value of their displays, allowing for price availability accordingly. Learn about the AIDA model.

Why marketers are very excited about DOOH Media?



One of the main reasons why DOOH is such a valuable marketing asset is its impressive visibility. Digital displays are often located in high-traffic areas, making their content visible to most people.

Also, unlike ads at home or online, viewers have no way of skipping ads, using ad-blockers, or changing screen content. This means that when the content goes up, it gets its full game and is likely to be noticed.

Research suggests that this format is very effective. In a 2015 study by Nielsen, 75 percent of respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard a month earlier. 82 percent of them especially remembered when they saw the ad. Learn about Ad networks.

More interestingly, the study found that the majority of respondents viewed DOOH positively. While traditional advertising is often seen as a nuisance, it makes DOOH an even more attractive option.

This is already happening

Considering the current advertising technology, switching from OOH to DOOH is not only possible from a business perspective, but also inevitable. In fact, it is already happening and gaining momentum.

International OOH providers such as ClearChannel Outdoors, Lamar, and Outfront Media are currently investing heavily in new technology to launch DOOH on the streets.

Other examples of DOOH activity:


DOOH advertising
source: broadsign


BroadSign has launched the first programmatic exchange for OOH (OOH* means traditional out-of-home non-digital media) media in Canada.

Expansion media, which owns 90% of US digital OOH inventory, also uses the Exchange Platform to programmatically automate unsold inventory purchases.

Clear Channel launched a Private Marketplace (PMP) with the Rubicon Project this year, opening a list of nearly 1,000 digital boards for programmatic buyers through real-time bidding (RTB) pipes.

Lamar is building the platform on the outpost supply-side and sees the same opportunity. These examples and numbers are really impressive, but most advertisers know very little about what DOOH is and how it works.

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