Social media has become a global phenomenon, engaging millions and millions of people around the world in its use, but the social media page is becoming more successful, especially in the entrepreneurial world; All efforts to attract loyal followers must end. Here are some of the most valuable recommendations on how to make this possible:

15 Infallible Ways to Increase Your Followers in Different Social Media Platforms in an Instant


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1. Market yourself

Naturally, the first thing to do is to encourage and persuade people to follow you and the best way to do this is to “tell them to follow you”. This can be done effectively by making your page available on social media pages so that social media fans do not take much time to see your profile. It can be:

  • Provide links on your profile that will take you directly to your website homepage.
  • Express your heartfelt intention to stay in touch with your customers by sending them relevant emails on social media.
  • Integrate your social media profile link with your email signature.
  • When you distribute business cards, make sure you include social media profile usernames

2. Proper Setup of profiles

There are several factors to consider when you are initially setting up your profile with the goal of increasing the number of social media followers; Here are some important details to consider:

Social networking sites were used. People are currently in a craze to join Bandwagon and try to stay on almost all social networking sites as they want to create a huge number of followers online. It is not really recommended as it is very difficult to monitor and maintain the number of followers. Choose some but powerful social media sites that are more suitable for your business. Some popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram; There are social media sites to use, no matter how you want to promote your brand.

Set up your profile name

When you use different profile names for each social media site, it can be difficult to gather followers because they get confused. Even if people want to follow your profile on other social media platforms, they will eventually give up if your profile is too hard to find.

Use the ‘unique avatar’

The avatar you use in your profile defines your page and sets you apart from others. They are part of your identity and it is strongly advised that you use an avatar for each of your profiles on various social media platforms. Since the avatar is your identity, do not leave the avatar blank.

Provide a detailed but concise explanation. Provide people with what you want to say about your business. Describe in detail what your business can do for them and why they follow your page so that they have to click on your website link and learn more about your brand and what benefits you can give them.

3. Social media page automation

The fact is that social media is not fully automated and you need to log in when you want to make new posts or upload files and photos. But, there are file-safe ways to automate your social media pages; You can use services like Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduled posts with pictures, text posts, and links based on the date and time you prefer. WordPress plugins can also be installed so that it automatically sends blog post links.

Even if you are not logged in 24/7, automation can help a lot in establishing a powerful social media presence so that your brand can reach more people through automated posts. However, make sure you have time to log in and share some posts and content on social media sites from other people who share your posts. Also, make time for some online conversations.

4. Engagement of followers


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Personal presence on social media sites does not really make a business owner, but having a team to post and communicate with followers is more effective in generating more social media followers. People are more interested not only in the automatic messages that appear regularly on their pages but also when there are real live people who can interact with them. That’s why they call it social media because people need to socialize with real people.

In the business world, remember that you are not only selling your brand; You also sell yourself and your company. Adding a personal touch to connect with potential customers is far more effective than 100% automation. If customers have any questions or complaints, it is important that they have real people with whom they can communicate. Customers will feel valued by your business when they receive a receipt for your comments by giving them credit through your page or by posting a personal blog about them. Let them know your true presence and people will be interested to follow your site. Also, learn about marketing automation.

5. Accept others’ content by sharing and liking it

Spend at least 15 minutes or more reading and commenting on other people’s posts or liking the valuable and relevant social media content they post, which will encourage more followers engagement and eventually create more followers for the following reasons:

People always like a symbiotic relationship; When they think and realize that you took the time to comment and share their posts, it means that you took some time for them. When this happens, they will most likely return positively and share your content with their audience, thereby reaching more people with your brand.

People and followers of posts you’ve shared and commented on will see your name regularly on their pages, and when people see you consistently, they will follow your page in the coming days.

Sharing and liking other people’s content gives you the latest information on new and latest trends in your industry. It helps you develop and develop better posts that encourage more people to follow your social media profiles.

6. Cite other companies

If you want to get more attention on your business or brand social media sites, link them appropriately when you mention other company profiles in your posts. And in turn, the companies you mention and link to share comments on their sites‌, exposing you more to your own audience; This will dramatically increase the number of your followers. When people give you your acknowledgment, companies do the same.

7. Producing relevant content on a regular basis

When you post valuable and relevant content regularly, people will be more interested in following your page and sharing your posts. It is a good idea to have a regular posting plan with highly customized content. Having a consistent presence through regular content posting is one of the best ways people can stay in the minds of their followers. People should not see the normal activities on your page otherwise they will lose interest in following you.

The items you choose to post on your site make a significant difference; When you post some suggestions, make sure your followers get what they sign up for, and make sure all your posts promote your brand or your business. Unrelated posts are not very useful and will only reduce the interest of your followers and promote your page. Promote your business with extraordinarily powerful content. Social media marketing tools.

8. Pay for exposure


ways to increase social media followers


Being more exposed to social media by increasing the number of likes can be great for your business, but sometimes you have to spend a little more on it to expand your scope and expand your scope. The more people who see your page, the more followers you are likely to have, and the more followers you have, the more sales and ultimately more profits will come. Paying to place ads will further enhance your business and there are plenty of opportunities to post your ads on pages you do not know exist.

9. Separate the individual from the business entity

We mentioned giving a personal touch to your page, but it’s completely different. You should not be too personal and put too much into your personal thoughts, preferences, and opinions; Because it can sometimes annoy or annoy your potential customers as well as your existing customers; And personal posting must be done on a separate social media account. Follow the elements of your business, because people will follow you.

10. Do some analysis to measure your success on social media

Every business should also track the impact of its marketing campaigns on social media. Measuring the success or decline of a social media marketing strategy can be useful in developing new strategies to increase the number of followers, but it depends not only on the size but also on the quality of the followers; Learn about social media analytics

It is better to target the audience well. People who decide to follow your page are a good addition to your email marketing list because they were initially interested in your brand or business. Monitor and track how many of these followers visit your website through links linked to your posts; This is even more valuable in determining the success of your social media campaigns.

11. Awaken the feelings

We need to have emotions sometimes, especially a little humor ******; Adding humor makes your post more interesting and encourages more followers to share your content to make your profile more accessible to potential followers.

12. Find out what your audience wants and what they are interested in

Do not post what you think people want to see and read, because most of the things you think about may not be interesting to most people. Take a look at some analysis and try to find things that interest most social media fans. Check out what’s trending and what kind of posts are getting the most comments, shares, or likes. Try to create the same kind of content, but also keep in mind what your business is about.

13. Post blogs on popular sites that are similar or related to your business


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Providing and adding blog posts that are relevant and highly customizable to popular niche sites, or adding them to your social media network profile will make more people interested in following your page, sending them a clear message that you are not.

In addition to selling your brand, you can share valuable information with all your followers. Popular sites posting your content on their site builds business and brand credibility. It’s good for your business as more people click through the links in your blog posts to have more followers and more people are interested in your brand.

14. Create network-specific landing pages

Creating a landing page on your business site‌ for visitors to your social media pages and linking pages to your other social media-based landing pages; Media BIOS is one of the best steps to let more people know about your brand. Although it only generates a modest number of followers, it can help increase the traffic to your business website and definitely increase conversions.

15. Attract people with encouragement

If most web visitors follow your social media profile, liking and sharing your posts is one of the best ways to get their attention. People are crazy about what discounts, freebies, and coupons they can get by following your page. This is a sure way to encourage more people to follow you, but do not deceive the offer and all your offers are true. Make it easy to claim these perks and offers, otherwise, people will lose interest and they will think that this offer is just a scam to make them follow your page.

There are probably a hundred more ways to increase the number of followers to a business’s social media page, but these have proven to be effective methods used by the most successful businesses worldwide. Social media platforms are actually the most popular places to establish brand credibility and presence; And a dramatic increase in the number of Reichs opens up a bunch of opportunities for sales and thereby reveals the revenue of the business.

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