Your marketing strategy needs to be refreshed and you are ready to increase your email list to promote your campaigns.

However, there is an obstacle: where do you start?

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. There seems to be an endless stream of new technologies and platforms available every month. However, there are some straightforward, tried and true methods on the best way to increase your email list.

Before planning your next marketing campaign, review these 12 creative solutions to increase your listing via email signup forms, as well as tips on how to optimize your listing for the best conversion rates.

What is an email list and how do you build it for marketing campaigns?

Your email list is a group of customers or site visitors. Usually, whenever you sell to a new customer, you add an email to your list. If not, you need to work on increasing your email list.

The most common ways to create a new email list are:

Collecting emails at checkout: You can easily set it up with most eCommerce platforms, but it’s the best practice for eCommerce that does not require a new account. More than 30% of businesses experience cart abandonment as customers need to create an account.

Many eCommerce platforms and content management systems make it easy to add an email signup form to your website, including the email signup form on your site. You can exit them from the sidebar, footer, or pop-up.

Using social media to promote signups: Social media is big. Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of 1.6%. There are more than a billion customers every month — and 90% of them are already following the business. Use social media to promote new products or valuable content.

It is a good idea to invest in an email marketing platform to help you maintain your email list. The right tools can help you include email personalization and segmentation, as well as automate your email and social media campaigns.

12 best ways to grow your Email List in 2022


12 best ways to grow your email list in 2022


We are moving towards the year 2022, which is the year of advancement and innovation. So, having targeted customers in your email list is a good option from a marketing perspective but how to create that list right?

I would like to provide you with the 12 best ways which will help you to grow your email list more effectively in the year 2022 so let’s begin:

1. Create unique email content

Want to keep your current customers intact and help them develop your list? Create unique email content. If your emails are entertaining, informative, and valuable, recipients will always look forward to receiving them and are more likely to forward them to their network. This will help you in getting exposure and gaining additional subscribers.

2. Short video

Videos are becoming more and more popular in email marketing campaigns. More than 80% of businesses use them and video usage is growing 100% every year. People love videos. They increase engagement with very little investment.

Viewers also share content — 92% of them suggest sharing their favorite videos. You can add videos to your social media campaigns to increase email signup. The new video platform, TikTok, is a rising social media star. The platform has over 800 million users worldwide and has been on the market for less than three years.

Adding short videos to your website is another way to reach new customers. Placing a video on your website is a good strategy so you can redirect visitors and the signup form to it.

3. Referral program




Customers you already have can be an extension to your marketing team. More than 75% of people are likely to buy a new product because they have heard about it from a friend or family member.

Of those, 84% said they relied on referrals to some extent or completely from people they knew. This makes referral marketing one of the most trusted sources of information about new businesses or services. Influencer marketing is one such branch.

Incentives can motivate more than half of your customers to point people to your brand. You can take advantage of this by creating a referral strategy that offers cash rewards, discounts, and coupons or bonus points for your loyalty program.

4. Encourage customers to share and forward their emails

Include social sharing buttons and an “Email to friend” button in your marketing email. By doing so, you will gain access to the networks of friends, colleagues, and recipients to expand your contact list. At the bottom of your email, include the “Subscribe” CTA as a simple text-based link so that even the recipient of the forwarded email can easily choose.


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5. Segment your email lists by buyer persona

Email recipients have the opportunity to click on emails to suit their specific interests, so it is worth thinking about using different email subscriptions to send targeted content to different segments of your audience. Learn about buyer persona from here

If you create multiple target customer types, you increase the likelihood that visitors will subscribe to one of them. In fact, marketers who used segmented campaigns reported a 760% increase in revenue.

6. Gifts & Sweepstakes


giveaway sweepstakes for email list building


Competitions, prizes, and sweepstakes have an engagement rate of up to 5.8%, as well as an exchange rate of approximately 34%. This makes them the most attractive form of engagement in content marketing. And the only real price you pay and what you put in the marketing campaign, i.e. high ROI.

You can also use referrals with Giveaway. 95% of people share a gift or sweepstakes as soon as they enter. Using social media for publicity? More than 62% of users share the competition with a friend to get extra entries.

7. Reduce subscription clicks

Most people put their choice form on the first page of their site, which is great. The right place to choose a home page.

But what if people get into other pages?

Often, website owners only have options in the footer of simple pages, such as blog articles. Or worse, subscriptions are not even available on these pages.

Do not make the same mistake. Add a space on each page to sign up for your email list on your site. Include your best performance offer and do not be afraid to ask for a subscription.

8. Consider using a QR code


QR code


Sometimes, the secret of working marketing strategies lies outside the box. In the case of email subscriptions, the secret may be hidden in the digital world.

Quick response or QR, codes are an easy way to encourage people to sign up for an email list even if they are not online. and as we are in 2022 the use of barcodes will significantly increase.

These simple patterns look like square barcodes. If you have not used them before, you can scan them with your phone and it will automatically pull up the web page.

To make the best use of QR codes, place them in a physical world, such as a product or sticker, or sign. Include the basics of the offer next to the code.

And then, when someone scans the code, take them to the mobile compatible version of your signup form. (It is important to be mobile-ready as people are scanning QR codes with their phones.)

This is a unique way to promote your email list that can do wonders for the right type of niche.

9. Give the user more control over the content

Part of the email list growth factor is making sure people do not opt out.

If you’re increasing the number of unsubscribes, it’s because people are not interested. That they may be overwhelmed.


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For those who can’t keep up with all the emails you send, the solution is to force them to unsubscribe. Instead, offer “light” subscriptions or special plans.

You can offer a standard membership with a few emails per week, a digest email with one email per week, and a monthly review that captures everything in a few messages.

The idea is to keep your list even if customers do not receive the full volume of your email.

It is best to have a busy subscriber with a smaller volume than the subscriber who receives each email but never read them.

10. Invite customers through your social networks

Email marketing is a long way off, but today most people prefer to communicate on social networks. Why not reach out to those people?

You can invite people who follow you on Facebook and Twitter to join your email newsletter. The best way to do this is to create a landing page specifically for those followers.

Then post or tweet the link on the signup page. Since every email subscriber is worth the money, it’s a meaningful message for a paid promotion if you can reach more followers and fans.

11. Make your content lines look like tweets


cathcy headlines to boost email subscription


If you want your messages to stand out in your inbox, you can use shortcodes and emojis like Twitter.

This type of subject line is different from the other emails stream in the customer’s inbox and keeps those customers engaged.

Again, an engaged customer has the opportunity to make a purchase from you, recommend a friend or stay active and unsubscribe.

Keeping your current customers happy is an important part of increasing your email list.

12. Invite new members instantly with your thank you page

After the customer has signed up for your email list, the thank you page or confirmation page is one of the most underrated places to increase your email list.

You can do this in two ways. First, you can offer special discounts or attractive offers to the customer.

For example, a one-time discount of 50% can turn many customers into instant buyers — they make your business instantly more valuable.

In addition to the already promised offers, you can also offer some freebies, which will surprise customers and look for more great things from you.

Final Thoughts

When you want to increase your email list, the best thing you can do is focus on reaching as many people as possible. This means creating creative marketing campaigns that expand the boundaries of your current population. Top things to keep in mind when trying to grow your email list:

  • Social media is a goldmine for sharing your email signup form.
  • Videos (best video animation software) increase interest and engagement with potential customers.
  • Optimization is just as important as increasing your email list.
  • With the right strategy and a solid approach to A/B testing, you can see significant growth in
  • your email list while constantly improving your open and click rates.

Ready to speed up your email marketing automation game? Getresponse has the tools you need to increase your open rates and increase your bottom line.

Hope You find this content interesting and helpful. Don’t forget to support us by sharing and commenting. Thank You

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