Have you decided to go out for dinner but you don’t know where to go? Do you want to change your mobile phone but are undecided on which model to choose? You already know where to find the answers to these questions: the Internet.

Today, the purchasing decision-making process of consumers is influenced from the first moments after the initial input by brand reputation, blogs, reviews, and online opinions. And this is the reason that leads the best companies to integrate activities on the web into their marketing strategies to go hand in hand with the user of the digital age.

What is Digital Marketing?



Digital Marketing refers to all those activities of promoting a brand and marketing of products and services through one or more digital channels.

Integrating Digital Marketing will allow you to reach a targeted audience and you will be able to interact with it at the moment of its maximum reception, regardless of the geographical area in which you are. You will be able to track and monitor the actions of your users in real time so as to improve and optimize your marketing strategies day by day. How?

Starting from the foundations and setting up a good digital marketing strategy :

  • Study the audience, what they want and what they need;
  • Define your value proposition;
  • Establish the objectives to be achieved and define the business priorities;
  • Track the data sown by your users and are committed to generating qualified and profiled contacts in order to better respond to their needs;
  • Use the tools that best suit your needs.

But let’s go more specifically, what are the tools offered by the Internet that Digital Marketing uses?

Advertising (ADV)

With advertising we refer to all those paid promotional activities of a commercial nature and / or sponsorship of a brand . In particular, you will happen to hear about SEM and pay per click (PPC). This type of activity will make you reach immediate visibility through online auctions for the different keywords you decide to use.

 The Advertising will be useful for you to compete with other online competitors, thus increasing your chances of gaining visibility. When used correctly, they will produce a return on your investment (ROI), thus generating profit for the business.

SEO and User Experience (UX)




Search Engine Optimization includes those activities of optimizing the performance of your site in terms of organic visibility and positioning for search engines . Google, Bing and other search engines reward sites with the best content and a design that is easy to navigate for users. Make your site easy to find, clear, beautiful and usable:

  • Make the site structure intuitive;
  • optimize it for mobile devices;
  • enhances its performances;
  • offer an attractive design;
  • propose relevant content that responds clearly and comprehensively to specific keywords.

This way you will have a better chance of generating qualified traffic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes all those activities of creating and distributing content such as blogs and articles . The aim is to attract qualified users to your site by prioritizing relationships over transactions.

Interesting content can become a gold mine for the growth of your corporate business in terms of SEO and the acquisition of leads and traceable data. The latter, if analyzed correctly, will give you the possibility to guide your users through the Conversion Funnel. All giving him a spendable, interesting and fun experience!

Digital PR

Do you have a brand new product, offer an innovative service or are you a new brand? Time to let the whole web know! Digital PR is a tactic used by brands to increase their online presence by building relationships with bloggers, online journalists and with the public on social networks. 

A digital PR strategy helps to increase and improve a company’s reputation in online communities by giving visibility to the brand. If used properly it has positive effects on SEO, conversion rate and Roi.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


social media presence


Social Media Marketing concerns those promotional activities of products, services and brands through social networks that allow direct interaction between user and company . Social channels can become a powerful user engagement machine capable of directing them to your website.

Choose social platforms aligned with your target: it is not necessary to be present on all social channels, but it is important to supervise those chosen well. Doing it right requires time, strategy and creativity along the lines of Content Marketing. Finally listen to your audience and track the results. In this way you can optimize your performance, improving your performance day by day.

Conversion Marketing:

Conversion Marketing includes all those techniques with the aim of converting new visitors into actual paying customers and first-time customers into loyal customers.

As? Through a mix of data analysis, creativity, technology and business. Combined these components can give you the right inputs to increase conversions to your site. By reading the data, you will be able to analyze all the components that have influenced the user’s interactions with your site. 

You will thus be able to translate the collected data into structural changes to the architecture and design of the site. Finally, with A/B testing you will be able to optimize your site to accompany more users through the Conversion Funnel.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation allows you to automate the manual usually marketing efforts through software as Salesforce Marketing Cloud . These software will allow you to optimize your web marketing strategies by qualifying your contacts, generating new sales opportunities and speeding up the cycle.

As? Through the automation of repetitive actions, the updating and automatic segmentation of your database, managing the sending of your emails and registering the contact points with your potential customers.

Email Marketing or Direct Email Marketing (DEM)


Build online presence with trusted marketing software (en)


Email marketing consists of sending e-mails and newsletters as a means of communicating directly with your leads and prospects for commercial and loyalty purposes.

A well thought out email becomes the perfect bait to hook your fish: prioritize direct connection with the recipient with a personal and captivating touch. Email marketing

automation tools like GetResponse will help you segment your target and automate the sending of your newsletters.

Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing


Mobile marketing includes those multi-channel marketing activities intended to reach the public directly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It uses tools such as Responsive Websites (optimized for mobile browsing), GPS tracking, SMS, social media and apps. 

It is a fundamental practice for a successful marketing strategy: since 2016, the percentage of people connected to the internet via mobile devices is constantly increasing at the expense of those connected via desktop.


The digital marketing arena is an ocean full of fish and in principle it can be difficult to set up and coordinate activities in order to stand out from other competitors. If you found the article interesting and are thinking of getting into the field of digital marketing then you should try to do a research communicate with the experts or seniors so that you can get right suggestion and support.


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