One of the dreams of many entrepreneurs and individuals who want to make extra money is to set up a passive income system. I mean, a system that does not require ongoing work to make money, but some initial effort and some more maintenance work to implement it. One common way these people think is to use an advertising system to make money with a pay-per-click system. Let’s see how to make money from such an advertising system.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

The term Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to the method of calculating revenue used in online advertising. In fact, operators who use this internet marketing tool to promote articles and services are paid by companies based on the number of clicks made by users on links or advertising banners. A specific amount is set for each click and this number is multiplied by the number of shares.

This technique is intended to increase visits to the company’s website and is initially implemented during the initial launch period or when launching new products. This is a helpful element for the activities required to get a good position of the website in search engines.

Unlike other methods such as organic that take longer to bring results, paying per click is a promotional technique that gives immediate solid results. The process consists of several steps. The advertiser usually refers to the search engines or affiliate networks that use this advertising method.

In the first case, the sponsored ad appears on the screen when users use the tool to search for keywords related to the ad. It appears next to or above the search results. On the other hand, referring to affiliate platforms, companies include affiliates in the promotion of their products and services.

Make Money With Pay Per Click (PPC)

It’s a form of remuneration for advertising or collection, depending on whether you are looking at it from the perspective of the medium or from the perspective of the advertiser.

The main advertising model to make money with every click

Pay Per Click, also known as Advertising Cost Per Click (CPC), charges the amount each time a visitor clicks on a sponsored link. This is probably the most common format.

Another very common format is the Cost Per Thousand (CPM). In this model, you will be charged based on the number of ad impressions. That is, regardless of whether the user clicks on the link or not.

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) format is becoming more successful. This is the action-defined model, for example entered on a user page. And will be paid only when that condition is met.

Finally, there is a price for each acquisition (CPA) where you will be charged for each conversion from customer to customer. That is, every time a consumer advertises a product, a commission is charged.

How much money You can make with Pay Per Click?

Companies may appreciate the Pay Per Click method, but it is a good idea to check if this advertising promotion tool is also useful for publishers. Of course, operators earn a lump sum for each click, but how much is this amount?

In fact, companies operate in large numbers, so in most cases, they pay a quarter of the dollar or the equivalent of a cent in the euro. In other cases, affiliate platforms offer payment for every 100 or 1,000 clicks. However, it is worth noting that income is often 1 dollar per 100 clicks or 5 dollars per 1,000 clicks.

Additionally, all affiliate networks set a minimum amount that affiliate publishers pay.

Consequently, if this number is not reached, that amount will be credited next month and the transaction will take place only if the conditions specified in the contract are met. In general, the most commonly used systems for collecting payments are PayPal and We Pay, however, the methods used vary depending on the reference platform.

This also applies to the payment amount: in most cases, For Google Adsense minimum withdrawal threshold is $80, but some companies have a lower limit ($50). We must be careful of operators who set a very high minimum amount, for example, 50 dollars. The slowness with which publishers accumulate revenue.

Now let’s see when you win with some successful blogs.

  • Suppose you have 100,000 monthly impressions.
  • Suppose your topic keywords are paid at $30 CPC.
  • We are also going to estimate the 1% of times your customers click on the ad link.

And I pause for a second because some people think the 1% CTR is too low. It is, on the contrary, a very generous percentage. Consumers are very accustomed to making ads and avoiding them. Millions of people have also installed programs to block ads.

With these figures, you get about 1000 clicks per month with an average payment of 100 cents, i.e. $100 income per month. Not sure if it will take a little or more. Better results can be achieved, but you are likely to charge significantly less.

Some other renowned PPC platforms:

If You are still confused and want to understand Pay Per Click better then please click here.

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