What is CPM Or Cost Per Mille in digital marketing?

For online advertising and digital marketing, CPM is a cost-per-view expense or just a price a retailer can pay to get the impression of 1,000 campaigns. CPM actually stands for “cost per mille” – not as the cost of a rental car per mile, but costs a mille with two Ls – meaning “thousands” in Latin. The Roman numeral number 1,000 also means “M.”

How to calculate CPM?

CPM or cost per mille


Let’s illustrate this formula by working on an example. If an ad campaign costs $ 70,000 and gains 10 million appearances, CPM could be $ 7 million.

Marketers need to understand the importance of emergence and especially the amount of exposure needed to turn prospects into customers. based on their industry, business, or product.

CPM is empty unless you understand the conversion rate of those signals.


CPM explained


How to start with CPM marketing?

In order to start an effective CPM marketing strategy, campaign, or alternatively using this strategy, the foundation must be built on three things:

  • Step1.- Proper understanding of what leadership, awareness, and CPM metrics mean to your company and your strategies.
  • Step 2.- The established budget for this part of your advertising differs from your total budget.
  • Step 3.- Plan your marketing strategy

If these three pillars do not exist before the CPM strategy is implemented. it is very difficult to measure success.



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