Meaning & Definition Of Email Appending

Email appending refers to the process of adding an email address to an existing database containing data such as name, phone number, physical address, etc. Adding emails is often done through a third-party email attachment service. Third-party services may merge part or all of their client company databases.

This term is also known as e-pending or email append.

Email Appending: Further Explanation

Email Appending is often done by comparing and merging third-party databases with client company databases. The client company may want to expand its marketing or collaborative efforts to include email communications.

Naturally, the success of email appending depends on the quality of the two merged databases. Email addresses and other contact data may expire quickly as data changes, producing unusable or invalid information.

Using such data for database marketing is easily considered spam. Since individual recipients of such emails may not voluntarily provide their email addresses, the email addresses used after the emails are added are emails that will be disabled as opposed to opt-in emails.

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