It’s no secret that geotargeting has opened many options for advertisers. Geotargeting helps to focus on a specific market, resulting in a more relevant message and better return on investment.

What is Geo-targeting?

Geotargeting is a method of presenting different content to visitors based on their geographical location. This may include country, regional/state, city, zip code, company, IP address, ISP, or other criteria.

geo-targeting has been commonly used in online advertising as well as on sites such as Facebook and Hulu on Internet television. Under these circumstances, content is often limited to users geographically in specific countries; This policy serves as a tool to enforce digital rights management. Using proxy servers and virtual private networks gives the wrong location.

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How does geo-targeting work?

Google Ads Geo-targeting allows advertisers to specify a location or group of locations, such as the area (s) in which their ads may appear. This is a necessary strategy for businesses that rely on home traffic such as foot traffic and/or restaurants, brick and mortar stores, and eCommerce sites.

Wondering how geotargeting works? First, it identifies the location of the users. It can be special, slightly wider using GPS, or using cell towers. Second, the software or app uses this information to decide what information to show those users.

There are two main ways to geo-target users. The first mentioned earlier is through the Geotargeting app. This is an app that uses location-based marketing. For example, when you sign in to the Food Delivery app, you’ll see options near your location.

And when you search for “doctors near me” in your Maps app, the results are an example of geo-targeting action. You can also use geo-targeting software to better reach your target audience. For example, Facebook provides geo-targeting advertising services that include three important targeting tools. These are audience targeting, location targeting, and any targeting.




Aim the audience

Target ads for people who have visited a category, brand, or location over a period of time. Use a behavioral goal by including data on both population and visit. Create a positive audience by including data on customer purchases and other behavior. Learn about APIs from here.

Location target

Geo-targeting is also based on ad location targeting. It provides additional information about how customers behave in specific areas. Included in the GroundTruth Location Targeting Service‌ are:

Mobile location targeting on-campus. This marketing tool lets you know where your customers are. This allows you to optimize your geo-targeting ad campaigns based on whether your audience is nearby, in the parking lot, or in your store.

Proximity targeting, geofencing technique, where you show promotions to people who are close to your destination. Neighborhood, which depends on the population and visitor behavior of an area to show proper promotion. learn about Google remarketing.

Weather target

Then there is the weather goal. The weather affects customer behavior – you don’t buy umbrellas when it’s sunny, do you? Use Google or FB Weather Target to show promotions that are relevant to the audience, location, and current situation.

You can use Targeting to implement audience targeting, location targeting, and various geo-targeted advertising promotions. While ads are particularly effective in the data app from GroundTruth, you can see ads displayed on mobile push notifications, SMS messages, and digital billboards. Learn about Google ads from here.




Is the Geo-targeting Goal effective?

There are many reasons to include geo-targeting in your marketing strategy. First, the potential audience is huge. In the US alone, 82% of people own a smartphone and this percentage is even higher for young consumers. Of the millennial population, 93% own a smartphone and spend more time using those devices than watching television. Research from the Martek series found that 83% of marketers find their campaigns more successful when they use location data. With:

Geotargeting techniques help marketers win more business and improve relationships with their customers. Because it depends on customer behavior, marketers can understand and cater to the needs of their customers, resulting in more engagement with campaigns. Geotargeting is particularly effective in increasing online traffic as well as foot traffic to stores. Using location data makes marketing campaigns more effective by up to 81%. This is easy to do if you know where potential customers are turning.




Examples Geo-Targeting

Wondering how to use geo-targeting as part of your marketing strategy? Here are some geo-targeting examples where customers have seen the best benefits. Ulta Beauty has used geo-targeting to maximize the impact of new store openings. Beauty retailers are very interested in reaching out to potential customers near stores that compete with location audiences and behavioral audiences and learn about the new store.

Stores supported by Groundroot Location Insights performed better than other stores, reaching their weekly visit target 42% faster than other stores. Toyota uses groundbreaking neighborhood and location audience data to identify new car buyers and encourage them to visit nearby auto dealerships. The campaign resulted in 1,201 visits to specific dealerships and additional visits to small dealerships that were not targeted in the geo-targeting ad campaign.

Warrior Sports aims to allocate media spend to strategies that guide visit optimization and behavioral audience media visits. The company was able to reach an audience of fitness enthusiasts. The month-long campaign received 32% more visits to specific retail locations than the previous campaign. Now that you know what geo-targeting advertising is, the benefits of geo-targeting, and the techniques you can use for more effective promotion.

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