In just 10-12 short years, Instagram has grown into a powerhouse marketing tool. By December 2021 …

Instagram has over 1.7 billion active users – that is, your market is using Instagram – as well as your competitors.

67% of US adults use Instagram, so even though they do not have (yet) access to Facebook, it is definitely a valuable platform to take advantage of.

A young audience – over half of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 – if this is your market, Instagram is the place.

63% of users check their Instagram feed at least every day, which is very high on cell phones!

Not only that, the platform enjoyed double-digit annual growth and showed no signs of slowing down. Clearly, it’s time to embrace Instagram and the power it promises as part of your overall marketing plan.

Instagram is like a simplified version of Facebook with a focus on mobile visual sharing. Like other social networks, you interact with other users on Instagram by following, commenting on, liking, tagging, and sending private messages. You can also save the photos you see on Instagram.

Since Instagram is visually oriented, there are many filters on Instagram that you can apply to enhance photos and videos. Additional photo editing options allow you to keep the image straight, adjust brightness and warmth, and pastel color. For video, you can disable audio, select the cover frame, and if you use the iOS app, you can trim the video. Learn about video SEO.


6 tips to promote your business on instagram


Unique challenges

But Instagram presents some unique challenges and you may be wondering if your time is worth it. The main ones are:

1) First, it is completely smartphone-based. Unlike other platforms, you cannot post to Instagram from your computer. In fact, you can’t even post it from third-party apps. It is completely designed to attract cell phone users. So in markets where mobile usage is high (and let’s face it, it is almost everywhere), Instagram is not right at all.

2) It is image and video-centric. Unlike Facebook and Twitter and Google+, text updates are still standard, and Instagram demands photos. Text (so-called “caption” in Instagram) is secondary – however, unlike some other platforms, Instagram is very generous with character restrictions. Subject.

Instagram for businesses



But Instagram is not just about photos. Using a business profile, you can highlight your brand mission and goals, showcase your products, capture leads and drive sales.

When you sign up for Instagram there will be a personal Instagram profile option, followed by the “Instagram for Business” option. It’s like Facebook, a personal profile for personal use, and a business profile is a place where you provide. (If you already have a personal profile, you can easily change it to a business profile or you can have both.)

As an added feature, business profiles give you access to analytics, which means you can view your followers’ statistics and demographics and your likes. This will help you understand who your target audience is and what they like. You can also pay to promote your posts, which you cannot do with a personal Instagram account. Just like on Facebook, if you want to make sure people see your business posts, you have to pay for it.

Instagram and Facebook



You probably know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means you can link both platforms to reach your Facebook and your Instagram audience.

When you run an ad on Facebook, you can also run it on Instagram. Or if you post content on Instagram, you can also automatically post it on Facebook. This will save you time and help you keep your social media accounts together.

How can you put Instagram to work in your marketing?

Here are 6 Tips to promote your business on Instagram:

Tip 1: Optimize your profile

Like any platform, Instagram prompts you to create a personal and/or business profile. This is where new followers can find out about you, whom you serve, and what your personality is like. It is likely to glow around 150 characters or less.

Tip 2: Start growing your community

Above all, Instagram is a social network, which means active participation in the community is a must. Focus on finding and following the right people: Influential people in your market as well as your dream customers. Once you find these people, start a conversation with them to build a relationship.

In fact, the ultimate goal of all social media is to add your online community to your list, so you can control how you deal with them. After all, any of these companies may leave you empty-handed tomorrow. For the best social media marketing tools click here.

Tip 3: #hashtag #case


Instagram hashtags


More than any other social network, Instagram relies on hashtags to sort and categorize the content. Users who are interested in certain topics can follow other users, as well as choose to “follow” some hashtags.

You can make the power of hashtags work by using a careful combination of tags designed to find and follow your content:

1) The first hashtags to include are the popular/common type. So, for example, if you are sharing inspirational quotes, it includes #inspirational quotes, #inspiration, and #quote. It provides your content to people who search on these broad topics. Not everyone in this group will be your ideal customer, but that’s fine.

2) The second type of hashtags to use is specific to your audience or niche. #Podcasting, #WAHM, #virtualAssistant, #businesscoach, and the like are less frequently used, but attract a more targeted market.

3) Another type of hashtag you want to use, basically asking for a follow. These include #follow, #follow, and #follow4follow. Are included.

Tip 4: Develop your brand

If you are struggling with branding, you are not alone. It’s one of those things that seems so vague and vague, it’s hard to spot. Is it a logo? Is there a color on your website? Your tagline? All this and much more.

Here’s what you need to remember when thinking about your brand. Well, branding makes every post, photo upload, and social media update instantly recognizable on your own. It makes you use — thoughtfully:

  • Language
  • Colors
  • On Fonts
  • Attitude
  • Personality

And, for photos, that means being as consistent as possible with composition, style, filters, and other elements.

Tip 5: Create a content strategy

As with other platforms, you may want to create a content marketing strategy when you use Instagram for your business. To do this, decide in advance how many times a day you want to post. Some coaches post once a week and some post several times a day. Whatever you decide, it is important to be consistent.

And follow this guideline for content structuring: one-third of your posts are about your branding, one-third about the content you share with influencers or your customers, and one-third about actually selling your product or service. Done:

A) Branding: To help your followers get to know you as a brand, including your values, mission, and you’re “why”.

B) Sharing: Reposting your followers’ posts (and giving them credit). Followers love when you repost their pictures. It allows them to be certified and appreciated by your brand. If you repost images of influencers, it will help you to attract their attention.

C) Marketing: Sales posts should not be stressful and reflect your brand personality. Use lifestyle photos of your products and/or services to show how their life can be improved with your product or service. Learn about online marketing from here.

Using a content strategy with Content Calendar helps you manage and layout your content in a way that benefits your business as well as your customers. Content Calendar can be an Excel spreadsheet, Google Docs, or a WordPress plugin for Calendar. But many content calendars are also available online. Just pick one! Use it to map your content based on your marketing and content strategy.

There are also products like the “Ultimate Content Creation Toolkit” that help you come up with themes for your content, create a mixed marketing and content strategy, and manage it on a calendar for scheduling.

Tip 6: Start (or join) the conversation

All about social media relationships. It’s not about making sales in the end or getting more followers or driving traffic. It’s about real connections with individuals.

All of those other things – sales and traffic and followers – are the result of the connections you make. And what is the easiest way to connect and build relationships?

  • Join (or start) a conversation with these actions:
  • Like and share content that inspires you
  • Shout out to the people who inspire you
  • Follow people who have something worthwhile to say and share
  • Be one of the people who say, do, and share valuable things


Instagram is a social platform that you use regardless of your product or service. It is a simple yet powerful platform to get leads and additional sales targeted to engaged followers. By creating an Instagram business profile and using its many features, you have another way to brand yourself with a completely new audience

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