The applications that comprised WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook were restored within six hours, but the reason for the disruption isn’t clear.

Three of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are all owned by Facebook, went down last night for nearly six hours. This left people around the world in a state of confusion and anger all evening.

The users relied on apps like Twitter and Telegram during the global outage in social media that began at 10 pm on the 4th of October and continued until the morning hours of the 5th of October. There were jokes regarding the motives that caused the social media outage however, there was no clear explanation about the reasons why this occurred, or what caused the apps to be down for this long.

Why is social media down?

Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook went down for a total of six hours, making it among the most prolonged downtimes in the time of the company. many small businesses were affected, and the e-commerce market slowed significantly. Users were left without basic communications and had to switch to other applications.

What is the reason for the worldwide WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook outage?

Why is social media down


Although there were no official announcements in the first moments of the media outrage it was speculated at the time it was possible that the Facebook server is under cyber attack. The threat of hackers, as well as data breaches, were being discussed on the web in the midst of this.

In response to the concerns voiced by millions of people, Facebook, the main company behind all three major social media companies has issued an announcement. The social media giant said that the outage across the globe was due to internal network problems.

Facebook stated that the global social media outage shut down communication between its data centers, resulting in an array of interruptions, that resulted in the servers being disconnected from each other. Facebook further stated Facebook’s engineers weren’t capable of identifying the issue promptly, as internal systems were also affected.

Rejecting the notion that hackers have entered the servers for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram The company claimed that there was no evidence of user data being affected. There’s still some doubt about the possibility of hacker activity although Facebook has not yet confirmed the theory as of yet.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Facebook said that the functions provided by the social media application together with Instagram as well as WhatsApp are slowly returning on the market.

He added, “Apologies to everyone who was unable to use WhatsApp today. We’re beginning to slowly but cautiously make sure that we get WhatsApp functioning again. We appreciate your patience. We will keep you informed when you have additional information that we can give you.”

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