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Why You should not send newsletters with attachments and what you can do for this type of sending:

It is not possible to send a newsletter with an attachment with , due to our quality policy.

This may surprise you at first, as offers its customers a complete package for the newsletter, marketing with its newsletter-tool.

However, this is all well thought out if you cannot send attachments with. We want your newsletter campaigns to be successful and this would not be guaranteed with E-Mail attachments:

  • Emails with attachments are a sign of spam, that is why many emails are separated by spam filters. Your recipients will not receive your newsletter reliably and that will affect their reputation as a sender.
  • The attachment increases the file size of your E-Mail, so load times increase significantly for your recipients. Not all recipients have the patience to wait for the full load.
  • The opening of your Newsletter is only measured once. If it is opened, and how often the attachment is actually opened, unfortunately this is not noticeable.

The best solution: Create a link instead of submitting!

You must save the document on your website and send the corresponding link in your Newsletter.

  • As a result, you will achieve a high deliverability of your Newsletter.
  • The call of the link and the download of the file are documented and analyzed in detail in your reports (how often and to which recipient downloaded the file).
  • You can also update the content of your file later if you prefer.

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