This is because regional online marketing is only important for local businesses.

Restrict online marketing locally or regionally? Does it actually do anything? Yes! Because for most industries, less is more – at least if you do it right. Or in other words: why should you, as a regional baker, hairdresser, artisan, or sustainable retailer, reach out to people who are not in your catchment area (and spend money)? With local online marketing, you can reach only the people you care about, save your budget and achieve the perfect balance between cost and benefits.

Local Online Marketing – And How?

Listing on GOOGLE in My Business:

Google My Business Listing is an important interface between the most popular search engines and your company. During this time (in search results) it is often decided whether or not customers will continue surfing on your homepage or in your online shop. Call you? Or your fixed business will be visited. 

In terms of local online marketing, good

Google My Business List is intended for: Make a good first impression, introduce yourself, provide insight about your products or services, share news and facilitate direct contact – your company will then also appear on Google Maps‌.

Company listings are often created automatically by Google for local companies – but you can often only get solid quality through personal changes and adjustments.

Local Search Engine Optimization and Advertising:

If you do not know what to do, you can find your answer online – from Google. If you want to find your answers quickly, narrow the search down a bit: “Car Workshop in Bielefeld“, “Hairdresser Hereford“, “Pizzeria Osnabrook“, “Lawyer Hannover“. If you want to look like a regional service provider or shop here, your website must be SEO-optimized for the local area. This is because your company’s search query appears at the top of Google results pages.

Local Search Engine Ads:

If you want to provide additional support for your website’s SEO optimization and make sure you rank first in the Google rankings, search engine advertising is the magic word.

In order to attract local attention online, search engine advertising must be at the top of the Google list. As part of a search engine ad, search ads are displayed at the top or right of the search results in the search query.

These ads contain keywords related to the company providing them and appear in the search results when searching for those keywords. When you reach the top of search results with search engine advertising, you not only increase your scope and brand awareness but also reach your (potential) customers by surpassing your competitors.

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