A wide variety of keywords have reflected the complexity of the search system in Internet search engines over the years.

Keywords! What are they? What are the types? How do they work? Why are they so important to marketing and search engine rankings?

In this article, we will demonstrate the main types of keywords that already exist and their importance for SEO. Read on!

What are keywords?

Keywords are the tools that Internet users use to find solutions or answers to their questions.

In other words, they are the tools that guide your audience’s search in the digital environment.

When a user types in what they are looking for on the Internet in a search engine like Google, they are using keywords.

For companies and brands, keywords are used to guide the content marketing strategy on your website or blog.

If your brand uses the right words, the content you want to communicate will reach the audience that suits you. Customers will find what they are looking for in your business.

What types of keywords are there?

We can list keywords in two types depending on their function. On the one hand, we have keywords according to the purpose of the search and on the other hand according to their composition.

Search Intent


These types of terms are used when users use a brand or product name in a search engine to access an official website.

Instead of typing the entire web address in the browser, users type the company or brand name.


navigational keyword research


They are used by the audience to get a product or service and can be used in a marketing strategy focused on SEO. Here are some examples:

Buying a car“, “Buying life insurance“, “Buying a mobile phone“.


These terms are used in searches that require information about an item without consumers purchasing it. Here is an example:

informational keyword search


Generic keywords

They are used when customers want to search for general information on a topic.

With these words, customers gather information about the service or business and plan their future purchases. Here we give you some examples:

Life Insurance“, “Japanese Restaurant“, “Fast Food” and more.

Semi-generic keywords

semi generic keywords

Users use these terms in a more specific way because they have knowledge of what they are looking for, thereby enhancing their searches with details that are not yet specific.

Without being specific, they refer to terms associated with the type of service.

These search results allow customers to consider alternatives that were not previously appreciated. They compare the quality of services or products such as prices, quality, and brands.

Here are some examples:

Life insurance price comparison“, “Cheap Japanese restaurants“, “Healthy fast food“.

Long-tail keywords

Also known as the long tail, these rules are very popular, although they have a low level of competition, they are very short, meaning they reach a smaller but more qualified audience.

When the customer knows in advance what he wants and is going to make a decision, he is ready to buy or contract.

The results you get through long-tail keywords are your main indication for product selection.

The deciding factor here is based on the competitive price and the trust that is formed by the brand in the customer. Some Long Tail Keywords:

Comparison of life insurance prices“, “Cheap Japanese restaurants on call 32“, “Healthy fast food for weight loss“.

How to utilize Keywords for SEO?

Once you know the keyword types, it is very important that you understand how we can utilize them to improve your SEO position.

As you may have noticed, consumers generally search for information by brand name, product, or service name that they intend to purchase or use.

For commercial and informational functions, it is essential to cover both your brand in order to get the most presence in the lives of the audience.

Customers usually do not just use one word to find an item of interest or make a purchase decision, their search is specific, so adding more than one keyword to your content is an excellent choice.

Provide your service clearly, including your business category, brand name, product type, your pricing term, and, if your business is local, and address.

Keywords: The bottom line

Knowing the types of keywords, understanding them, and learning how to distinguish them is crucial in setting position goals, and right now, any company running a marketing campaign needs a good SEO strategy.

If you do not yet know the topic, SEO is a term that refers to all those methods and actions used to improve website positioning in various search engines on the network.

The goal of this activity is to put your brand’s website or page first among SERPs, helping you reach a wider audience.

As a result, search engine optimization is a great way to create profitable content.

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