Augmented reality filters and effects on social networks are 13 times more attractive than traditional content. Brands are increasingly using this method of interacting with the community, especially young people between the ages of 12 and 34, who make up more than 71% of Instagram MAUs. 

What is a social media filter?

social media filters

Filters can be added to any user’s Instagram stories and thanks to augmented reality based on facial recognition. To get started, the story format Snapchat originated on the social network and later integrated into Instagram. This format is very successful because it allows you to create smoother and more authentic content. It is possible to share live photos or videos with your audience, which is very popular because it helps customers stay in touch with the brand. For example, if a travel agency manages a blog trip, it can stream the tour live via its account’s Instagram articles.

Also, for brands with more than 10,000 customers, it is interesting to use the swipe-up function, which allows you to redirect customers directly to your website.

Instagram filters are called “social add-ons” and respond to changes in users’ habits. In fact, many social network users connect through their mobiles. Therefore, Instagram is responding to this change with the introduction of these new formats. It is now possible to add multiple elements such as GIFS, your location, or filters to your Instagram stories.

There are different types of filters. Some allow you to escape to destinations around the world by changing the background of your selfie, some can modify your face and some become interactive and playful, for example, with questions like what is your next trip. With filters? Which Travel Influencer Are You?

Which social media has filters?

Filters are available on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok and are used for communication activities.

precaution for social media filters

The filter provided by social networks is for beautification also for entertainment purposes and also to create attraction resulting in increased engagement.

How to make your own filter?

The filter creation platform is almost available to everyone: Spark AR Studio. Instagram aims to provide additional space for expression for social network users. You need to download this tool directly to your computer. When you open the software, you will be presented with several filters that have already been created.

To create your own, all you have to do is click “Create Project“, and then you can test-drive your creation with the available videos. You can add elements such as sound, text, 3D objects, or lights.

It is important to respect your brand’s graphic charter, color codes, typography … to identify customer sentiment.

Once the creation phase is complete you will need to submit your filter to Facebook for verification and finally add it to Instagram. Now you can test your filter directly on Instagram and share it on your social networks to promote it.

Not just entertainment: Are there potential dangers with filter use?

social media filters

With the impeccable ability of the filters to inspire us a little, to entertain us, or to give us a little vanity, various pitfalls arise especially for those who define their image every day. Fighting or fighting with him. And, consequently, self-esteem.

By changing our faces, filters are “better” for us (but who’s better?): How can we live without a potato nose? With lips? With teary eyes?

When we look at ourselves with these masks, even though we are struggling in ourselves not to do so, we see ourselves as better than we really are and we wonder what it would be like if our flaws suddenly disappeared (… imagine we have!).

Day by day, we begin to imagine and find it difficult to pinch ourselves naturally on social media. We become accustomed to using filters and start creating a false image of ourselves for others and most importantly for ourselves.

From social, we move towards real life

We look in the mirror … but we are not satisfied with what we see and we want to put a filter there too. We want others to always see us with our “beautiful mask”.

This creates a distinction between our actual and virtual images.

On a less serious level, we run the risk of becoming permanently dissatisfied with ourselves, our appearance, our faces, our imperfections, and our uniqueness. If we think about teens who are building their image and awareness with general fatigue due to age, the use of these devices can carry more weight.

What can we do to improve the situation?

We can start with a small but important step from our social accounts, clearing them of “abuse” filters. That way, we will not be tempted to use them anymore and we will not have them under our noses.

Talking about it with our contact circle, social and others is another step we can take.

If you share an idea, you can potentially reach people who have not yet thought about it. In turn, they can restart the message on their networks: we do not know who to talk to about specific issues.

We follow people who use them constantly. One of my basic rules for enjoying my digital life is to follow only those who add value to my vision of the world. Whether it’s information, perspectives on issues I don’t know about, or “normal” entertainment .. the important thing is to feel that it doesn’t fit me in any way.

There are people who show mediocrity and naturalness, we give our attention to them. Living in a society centered around unattainable beauty standards can be frustrating enough for most of us.

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