Making the SEO Report, which contains the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) that are suitable for assessing the effectiveness of a website initiative, can be the initial stage in understanding the SEO strategy you’ve implemented on your site. With the information contained in it and the information, it contains you can analyze not just the performance of search engines, but also the way the content is searched and accessed by the users.

In this article, we’ll look at the importance to and the importance of an SEO Report and its content to identify the most crucial SEO KPIs.

It is vital, today more than at other times to be able to keep up with the ever-changing optimizations that websites (such as Google) employ to enhance the quality of the content that appears in the SERP.

So, if you’re searching for someone to teach you how to make and understand the SEO Report with all its crucial metrics, you’re at the right spot Keep going!

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What is an SEO Report?

SEO Report is a document created by a digital marketing agency or industry experts which combines a variety of information and parameters that are useful in determining how a website is placed on major search engines. It is important to note that to date the data considered is mostly connected to Google. Google index is the source of nearly all of the world’s web search markets (source: StatCounter).

What is the purpose of an SEO Report?

The 3 Types of SEO Reports You Should Be Building in 2020

This type of investigation serves two goals. The first instance of an initial Report is to record the initial position of a site. basically, it’s an indication of its position in the indexes of search engines and the quality of products or services offered, and the general credibility (again from an SEO point of view however, it is not definitive) in accordance with the Google algorithm. Another reason for SEO Reports is to monitor and record any significant changes in the various parameters within a specific period of time. There could be weekly, daily as well as annual reports according to the need.

SEO KPIs: The data which cannot be missed in your report

In every analysis of each report, the various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can differ depending on the needs of the client However, there are some fundamental elements that must be included in this type of report. Although there isn’t an established SEO Report template, the indicators listed below must always be included:

  • Total sessions
  • Sessions that are organic and clicks
  • Organic sessions with Google
  • Average session duration
  • Organic positioning
  • The visibility and distribution of the Desktop Mobile Ranking Mobile Ranking
  • CTR and Impression in SERPs
  • Total sessions
  • The total sessions represent the number of visitors the site has received over an arbitrary time period (annual or monthly, daily, etc.).).

The importance of total sessions: why they’re so vital

The number of sessions is important since they provide a clear overview of the number of people who visit a site, and it directly affects the number of conversions (acquisition of sales, contacts, etc.) or in the case of editorial websites and the revenue generated by the release of advertisements or a video spots. The information is utilized in the first instance to analyze the web presence of a site, and afterward, to analyze the amount of traffic that is reduced or increased due to SEO-related activities, updates to the algorithms for search, market research, or other actions.

Clicks and organic sessions

Organic sessions: what does it mean?

Organic sessions show the number of visits made through search engines. They are the sessions resulting from the activities of searchers who later clicked on results before landing at the website of reference.

The amount of traffic that comes inbound to a site is just the test for your business online. It is a sign of whether you’re doing things the right way since the traffic is (almost) always the result of a proper plan based on keywords you have placed and the search intents which have been successfully managed to meet.

This crucial KPI is the most important health index to be looking for when you read any SEO report.

Organic sessions: Why they are so important

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Organic sessions are crucial since they block traffic detection further: the information is actually referring only to search engine traffic. This is why it is the most important measure of the SEO level of any content and/or services that are offered online from both an algorithmic perspective (how much our website “likes” Google and other search engines) as well as from a human perspective (more users visit our results the more Google will likely to give these results a boost).

Organic sessions generate clicks

Organic clicks are a major element in your rankings. It is a measurement that can show the quality of the SEO work carried through on the Title and Description and how your website appears on SERPs. Additionally, it allows you to track the number of visits to your site that result only from the work that comes from SEO.

Leads and conversions generated through organic traffic

The leads and conversions created through organic traffic are vital when it comes to positioning strategies This is the reason why they should be monitored and considered a crucial measurement to keep track of. Consider that using this indicator it’s possible to track the ROI of SEO which is perhaps the most important measure of all: it is, the return on investment.

Organic sessions via Google

The organic sessions on Google are the results of visits made through a specific search engine (and one of the tops in the marketplace): Google.

The Organic Sessions of Google What are they and why are they important

Organic sessions with Google are vital to know how much the traffic from Google weighs on the total organic sessions, in order to determine the significance of a proper SEO strategy, and also to comprehend how the traffic generated by Google influences organic sessions.

Average session duration

Average session duration: meaning

A Beginners Guide to SEO Reports

The average session length is an extremely important KPI to consider for organic ranking purposes since Google takes this measure into account when determining the total quality of the site.

Average session length: Why it is important

If the length of the average session is satisfactory, this means that the user who came to the page has discovered exactly the information they were searching for, but more than that. It also indicates that it’s engaging that the user is able to stay for long enough to access its features and be engaged with the site. This is all spotted by the search engines and results in better positions. It is a matter of the actual fact that Google is the owner of Analytics, Android, and Chrome to mention the top tracking tools.

Organic positioning

Organic positioning: What does it mean?

Organic positioning is the position of the keywords that are monitored for a specific website on Google in terms of quantitative. The data is split into three sections (n search terms in the Top 3, n search keywords in the Top 10, and n search keywords in the top 20) and two large areas (Desktop as well as Mobile).

Organic positioning: Why it is important

The importance of the organic positioning is because it is related to the keywords that are considered to be important for the site of reference These are the keywords that, in order to serve the purpose of the site should be in constant focus.

They could be brand keywords (the title of the business or the name of the product) or even keywords that have the highest conversion rate. Therefore, knowing if the keywords rank in the highest positions or even at the top of the page on Google is vital to evaluate the performance of the online marketing strategy. 

In addition, the diversity between Desktop as well as Mobile is essential to determine the strength of your position on various devices utilized by internet users. Google is, as we all know alters its results based on the device you use to browse, therefore it is crucial to ensure that you are in the right place on the Desktop as well as on the Mobile.

The visibility and distribution of the Desktop Visibility and Distribution of the Mobile Ranking

The visibility and distribution in the Desktop/Mobile Ranking: significance

SEO Report Template for Marketing Agencies | Whatagraph

The degree of visibility and the distribution of the mobile/desktop ranking, respectively, determine how well a website is placed in search results and, consequently can be “seen” by users and what percentage is in the top position. These two numbers are related to a particular keyword group and specific devices. 

The Visibility and Ranking Distribution on Desktop Mobile: why they’re crucial

These two metrics are crucial in assessing how the site performs with respect to searches conducted on Desktop or Mobile in relation to the top keywords previously identified. These two indicators provide an instant overview of the position of the website in Google (or on pre-defined engines) In the event that Desktop or Mobile users are crucial to the success of your web-based strategy, then these numbers are to be tracked. Additionally, a decrease in visibility or proportion of the rank place could indicate an SEO-related issue or even a punishment (algorithmic or manually).

CTR and impression in SERPs

The Impression, as well as CTR, have their meaning

The term Impression is the number of times your website is displayed in a search result. This KPI is vital because the reason simple will allow you to know if a successful job of optimizing your Title and Description tags is done. This is crucial to the compatibility of your site’s page to the keywords that are typed by users on Google’s search engine (also known as Search Query).

CTR and impression: why they are so important

CTR or Click through rate

The Impression data is also data that needs to be compared to another crucial KPI which is that of CTR (Click through Rate) which is determined by looking at the percentage of clicks in comparison to Impressions.

In essence, if your website is seen in SERP 100 times and receives 30-clicks from users, then your CTR would be 30 percent.

This will cause you to consider the proper language for the Title as well as Descriptions specifically considering recent Google updates, wherein an unimaginable Title Rewrite directive was introduced (here are the sources ). It’s commonplace to find a variety of titles that have been arbitrarily changed by Google due to them being too manipulative when compared to other keywords and therefore not helpful for the user. This is the reason we suggest that you do not go away from the intention of the H1 page. Another reason that could cause Google to alter the title used for the website’s webmaster is its length. title. In this regard, the best advice is to seek out a phrase that isn’t more than 55-60 characters.

SEO KPIs Include keyword analysis in the report

Alongside the performance indicators we have studied to date, the nature of keywords driving visitors to the site should not be overlooked. In reality, we can affirm without hesitation that traffic that is poorly profiled isn’t the most interesting traffic for the site! How do we accomplish this kind of verification? It is essential to know the meaning of this kind of question. We can then ask ourselves: “what keywords do new organic users see on my site?” It is obvious that there are significant differences in Brand (or Navigational), Information as well as Transactional (or Commercial) keywords.

1. Informative Keywords

The informational keywords are the keywords that have clearly an informative purpose, i.e. users search for more details. An example? This article provides the answer to the question:

” How do I create an effective landing page “

2. Transactional Keywords

The term”transactional” refers to the keywords that are typed by visitors who indicate the intention of making the purchase or act (technically known as conversion ) that can be decisive for a site. For instance, the word “contact” or download of resources. Oft, these terms are linked to clear intentions for transactions such as ” cost, price, etc.” …” For instance?

” Nespresso capsules price “

3. Brand Keywords

With the term brand keyword, we mean a keyword that includes the name of the brand/company/website.

The analysis of the traffic generated by these keywords is vital because of a number of reasons:

It gives you insight into how well your brand/company/website is known to web users.

It’s in addition an acceptable thermometer to determine which words users are referring to and, as a result, it is a good indicator of whether they consider that you are an authority.

A steady flow of visitors to the most important element of your brand’s image is, in a few words, the objective of every entrepreneur around the globe. The road to success is not easy is a good thing, since it validates the hard work put in to get that position.

A good example of a brand’s keyword?

Ikea sofa bed

How can you evaluate the terms?

Here are a few KPIs you can consider for efficient and thorough keyword analysis. If you’d like to know more, you can read about how to conduct market and keyword research.

The current trend in Focus Keywords

What exactly is the expression Focus Keywords?

They are all the keywords that your venture is able and has the desire to compete in the industry. The ones that cause users to convert will have a significant impact on the business of your company as well as the number of contacts that are generated and the sales of products as well as the sales, etc.

It is essential to monitor your key keywords, the ones that actually move the weight of your positioning to the right. In most cases, to discern an unrelated keyword from an important keyword, the thoughts or ambitions for business do not suffice, you require the assistance of the help of an SEO agency.

Desktop/Mobile Keyword Ranking

The Anatomy of the Perfect SEO Report: A Guide

The ranking of keywords reveals the exact position of the keywords that are monitored within the Top 100 Google results, as well as showing the performance of the other websites as well as the CPC (average cost in dollars that advertisers pay for an advertisement that is displayed for the keyword) as well as the average monthly volume of searches over the past 12 months. The SERP Features are identified, i.e. all features and display options other than the traditional organic results that are activated by a particular keyword.

If the distribution and visibility of the ranking provide an overview of the position of the top keywords used by the project The report on ranking keywords offers a more precise cross-section of each keyword. This lets you better analyze any shifts or changes in the position of your keywords and evaluate your performance against the performance of other domains regardless of whether they are competitors or websites belonging to that same group. It is also crucial to be aware of the keywords that fluctuate and why it is important to adjust your SEO strategy or marketing plan to suit your needs.

Other KPIs that you can add to the SEO Report

Free SEO report template | Pitch

We’ve looked at the most important performance indicators that shouldn’t be left out of your report and how you can analyze the results by analyzing the keywords used Let’s now look at performance indicators more technical which can be added to enhance your SEO Report

1. Pages loading, SEO, and UX

Another crucial aspect to control is the speed of web page loading. With the majority of mobile users, the speed of loading KPI is essential for any online endeavor. The reason is easy when a page doesn’t load within less than three seconds, the user will quit the search within 70% of instances. That’s what the data reveal to us. Therefore, the key is timeliness and the speed of response. In addition to this make sure you analyze your Core Web Vitals, the SEO indicators that assess your user’s experience.

2. Position zero and Featured Snippets

Additionally, it is also important to note that the position is the so-called position 0 as well as all other Google featured snippets (to be clear about the results from the search are enriched by Google in which the search engine gives answers in the SERP) are metrics that should be considered. Achieving a high level of success with this particular situation and favoring the appearance of zero positions (for example, particular FAQs) as well as wealthy snippets (thanks to the proper implementation of structured data ) will ensure the possibility of well-profiled organic traffic.

3. Errors in the Status of Crawling and issues

Monitoring the progress of crawling errors and potential problems on the site is one of the main tasks that the SEO agency as well as any person who owns an online presence. These two areas are, in actuality, the core of what’s known as ” technical SEO ” which is the entire field that focuses on removing difficulties for crawling through search engines and assisting in helping the work to provide it with the most valuable content available on the website. Monitor Google Search Console (Google’s official tool) is definitely an essential component of this job.

4. Inbound Link profile status

Like the other KPIs that we have examined up to now, monitoring inbound links is also vital to see if you’re doing a great job and to identify any links that are low-value or even spam, which need to eliminate from the bud. When monitoring pays attention to the number of links incoming as well as their sources and to, as much as is possible determine the source of the links originate, and verify their validity.

Another test to take is to look at the Anchor’s Text in order to ensure they are properly diverse, with no dry anchors, and with clearly manipulative intentions. It is recommended to ensure that you get diverse anchors by focusing on these Brands to the extent feasible. Another beneficial tool is Google Search Console; within the “Link” tab it’s feasible to perform these assessments with accuracy. We also suggest the use of other tools like Ahresf and Majestic Two very trusted tools that can conduct this type of assessment.


As we’ve seen here, there exist a variety of different metrics to comprehend to understand the SEO report. The key KPIs are each with their own unique manner, each crucial to determine if what you’re doing is bringing about the results you want or not.

In conclusion, conducting this type of analysis of KPIs is essential for the development of any venture since only the metrics the numbers are able to tell us whether we’re heading toward the proper direction, or whether it is not essential to make any changes to the plan of SEO positioning.

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