Ephemeral content is content that has a limited duration. Unlike a blog or web page that stays indefinitely, temporary content is usually available for 24 hours or less. For many marketers, this seems completely counterintuitive. Traditional marketing has always been about content that persists over time and can be recycled in the future. But as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories grow in popularity, your marketing strategy must keep up with the changing times to stay effective.

What are the stories?

Stories are collections of photos or videos. They can be live or pre-designed. There are options to get creative with filters and sketches or you can just point and shoot. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all have versions of Stories. Each platform has subtle differences, but they are more similar than they are. Facebook users are presented with a story each year when Facebook compiles their years in the review post.

For many businesses, video content feels financially out of reach. Investing in equipment or hiring a supplier may not be within budget. Risk-cost analysis can be very intimidating for a smaller company.

One of the great things about ephemeral content marketing is that you don’t need special equipment. If you have a smartphone, you have a smartphone, right? – then you have what you need. Part of the story’s appeal is its authenticity. The less smooth the better. This is a way to add a video to your marketing strategy without making a big investment.

Who uses it?

  • Taco Bell uses Snapchat to promote new products and customer experiences.
  • The NBA is giving fans a behind-the-scenes preview of the team to increase the excitement and audience for the upcoming games.
  • McDonald’s introduced a new line of products on Snapchat.
  • Mashable attracts consumers by holding a weekly contest to be featured in one of its stories.
  • GrubHub offers special promotions to its followers.

Why does ephemeral content marketing work?

what is ephemeral content

At first glance, it seems very strange how fast the disappearing content actually works. So what is driving this phenomenon and why is it successful?

The fear of losing has always guided the marketing strategy. That’s why the world is full of signage clearance items, today only, closing and annual sales. ephemeral marketing takes the same concept and pushes it up a notch. It gives him the feeling that he is now or never. This pushes shoppers to make faster decisions and shortens the sales cycle.

Do I really need this?

Marketing is all about communicating effectively with your target audience. Temporary social media platforms are not something of the future. now I am Millennials have made ephemeral content relevant and Gen Z is expanding that.

Generation Z has reached adulthood. Older members enter the workforce and makeup 26 percent of the US population, according to Nielsen data. Do you really want to ignore the 26 percent population in your marketing strategy?

The most successful companies follow the trends. Can you imagine not having an online presence? At one point, there was a choice between embracing the internet and creating an online presence or not. Those who choose not to do so are not doing well.

7 ways to take advantage of ephemeral content

ephemeral content marketing

1. Try it: Everyone says they’re amazing, do charity work, and love children and puppies. The new generation of consumers made everyone feel patted on the back. They want companies to prove it. If your company volunteers, show it with a Facebook or Instagram story.

2. Be authentic: Ephemeral marketing is an opportunity for the customer base to learn about the business on a more personal level. Ask a real employee to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the offices, factory or sales team. Let your personality shine. Don’t be perfect, be real.

3. Engage your audience: This is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your target market. For example, you can use the live option with Instagram Stories and viewers can interact in real-time. This can be as simple as an “ask me” session.

4. Peek: Use it to generate buzz for an upcoming event or sale. Launch of a new product? Create the big announcement by creating stories that leave exciting suggestions behind the scenes.

5. Keep up to date: People don’t usually visit a web page regularly to see what’s updated, but check their stories regularly because they know it’s timely and new.

6. Be consistent: Create a plan and stick to it. If you occasionally create temporary content, people will stop searching for it. If your content is published at a certain time each day, they look forward to doing so.

7. Stay relevant: Just like any other marketing content, make sure you stay relevant so your target market wants to engage with you.

Important reminder*

Ephemeral marketing is not a substitute for other forms of marketing. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Add this to the mix.


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