Web designers are among the most demanded professionals in the market. More and more companies need the services of a web designer, whether to work in the company itself, as an external worker, or to provide services to customers.

It should be clear to you that a web designer in 2022 is in charge of much more than just designing websites! He must be in charge of the page layout, that is, he must be able to convert the created design into a usable website. Read on and find out how to become a web designer!

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What is Web Design?

Web design involves planning, designing, and implementing websites. In web design, topics like graphic design, interface design, user experience, navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture, etc. are also covered.

You should know that web design is much more than designing a page. Web design encompasses:

  • Website planning.
  • Web page design.
  • Site maintenance.
  • Creation of web pages.
  • Web page interface design.
  • Graphic material design.
  • Website user experience.

Web design is used for a particular web page to increase its conversion, i.e. to increase the likelihood that users stay longer on the web page and end up buying, subscribing, or performing the action that the web page actually pursues. Increasing conversion is essential.

Discover the professional figure of the Web Designer!

A web designer is a professional who is in charge of graphic design, interface design, user experience, navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture, etc

Web designers need to be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, so if you want to become a true web design professional, you need to be trained in these languages. HTML language is essential!

On the other hand, web page designers should have knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and in general the entire Adobe suite.

What knowledge should web designers have?

how do i become a web designer 2022

Web designers should have knowledge in different fields. Here are some of the key skills/knowledge essential for a true professional:

  • Graphic design skills. The world of design is very vast, dive into it!
  • Knowledge of online marketing.
  • Knowledge of web development.
  • SEO specialist.
  • Knowledge of databases.
  • Skills in programming languages. When we talk about programming languages ​​we refer to HTML
  • CSS languages…etc.
  • Basic knowledge of social networks.

What are the functions of Web Designers?

The main functions of web designers are:

Graphic design and design of the website structure. It is essential to apply usability and accessibility criteria.

Planning, design, and development of graphic elements. Web designers are in charge of the media as well as planning these views and broadcasts.

  • Multimedia repository management.
  • Control and promotion of brand distribution.
  • Analysis of web design trends.
  • Learn programming languages.

What are the professional opportunities for Web Designers?

professional opportunities for a web designer

Web designers, as we mentioned earlier, are one of the most demanded profiles today. Here are the main job opportunities:

  • Designer and web designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Illustrator.
  • 3D developer.
  • Advertising and marketing creation.
  • Junior Web Developer.
  • Cross-platform web developer.
  • SEO consultant.
  • Freelance web designer.

In conclusion, a good web designer must be a professional in the design world, must have a perfect command of graphics and HTML language, and be able to create a web page quickly and correctly.

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