What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO) in Digital marketing?

The conversion rate (CRO) is the process of enhancing your site or landing page experience depending on the behavior of the website visitors to help improve the chances of the visitor taking the required (conversion) action on the specified page.
In today’s world, online traffic is less consistent. If you are unable to get visitors to your conversion file, the chances of them coming back and doing the activities you want are very low.
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This is nothing but a lost opportunity for your business. The best way to improve your chances and get more conversions is to use effective rate preparation campaigns.


CRO – What You need to know?

What is sad to know?

Only one-fifth of businesses of a total percentage are satisfied with their conversion rates.
Part Five! That’s why smart businesses are doing optimization rate for conversions (CRO), which is an important part of their digital marketing strategy. But the performance of a slight change of the wrong name.
Conversion does not mean selling. It is whatever you define. And unless you define what you mean by “conversion,” you can’t upgrade the experience.


Conversion rate optimization


Here’s the point: if you want to improve your conversion rates. you must learn to speak better and develop knowledge for people who can do the action you ask them to do. In this guide, we cover the basics of effective CRO and analytics.

Important terms related to conversion rate optimization

The lingo terms you need to no for a better understanding of CRO:


The action of visitors you hope to improve with the campaign (e.g. to sign up for a webinar, add a product to a shopping cart, etc.). Know, you have to explain your conversion actions. Clearly show what it is exploring, aims, and the most important metrics to measure your results.



A page in the trial found the test treatment. Because for example, a diversion page may have a shorter lead form than a control page. TIP: Name your differences in the test so it’s easy to identify the key to each one. Something like this:
  • Variant 1 – Shortened form
  • Variant 2 – Form + survey
  • Variant 3 – Email only
  • Control – Full form


A test page that does not receive treatment. In the conversion test, control is the kind of page that now transforms the best. Anyway, new variants were tested for control. So in the A / B test, the control is A. Your type of test, or variation (see below), is B.
Before beginning with the CRO “metrics” and formula to calculate CRO, just go through this video – tips of how to increase your Conversion rate optimization?




The Conversion Rate Metrics

Optimizers live and die in numbers. Now what are the important numbers
especially when tested?

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Conversion rate:

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the conversion value (whatever you specify) by the total number of visitors to the page you are testing.


Confidence rate

Technically, this “Percentage is a collection of tests built in the same way that will capture the true meaning (accuracy) of the system. tested within the specified range of values ​​around the measured accuracy

of the number of each test. ”According to layman’s principles, he tries to avoid false profits. So the confidence level indicates how confident you are that your test is accurate.
For example, suppose your confidence level is 95%. That will show that if you were to run this campaign 100 times, 95 tests would show yours which is like a winner.

Lift percentage

Percent change between the two differences (not the difference between two numbers). To calculate the percentage of suggestions, use this formula:

Here, the difference is 1%, and the lift percentage is 10%.

Conversion range

“Conversion rate” is an incorrect word. It makes sense that your exams will give it to you. One specific number you can call the “conversion rate.” In fact, expect to see changes within range – not as a direct number. So, it is 30.86% to 36.38%, and 33.59 as stated.



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