Instagram quickly became a key player in online advertising. With more than half a billion mobile users and 200,000 active advertisers. the platform is expected to raise $ 3.2 billion this year. This article will provide useful tips to unlock the power of Instagram as an advertising channel.

For an experienced Instagram advertiser, we will provide you with tips and best practices that will help take job marketing to the next level. For new advertisers in advertising on Instagram, we will write down how we can get the most out of it.

Instagram fact

Why marketers are focusing on Instagram for an advertisement?

There are several strong reasons that why many businesses or marketers are focusing on Instagram Ads.

Expanding user base

Instagram has gained popularity with advertisers due to its large size. After surpassing 500 million active users, it is expected that 50% of all social network users will be using the app by 2017. This growth is driven by 18- to 29-year-olds who accept the visual nature of the app, find it easy to use and fun to use.


Mobile-friendly platform

Mobile is now the leading consumer of digital media, making it an integral part of the marketing mix of all markets. Mobile applications account for 52% of all time spent on digital media. For advertisers, Instagram’s ability to provide access to the most active and growing mobile audience is key.

Native Ads format

Instagram ads appear in the same format as standard posts. allowing advertisers to associate their ads with native content users who frequently feed on their feeds. Indigenous ads get 20-60% engagement rates higher than standard display ads. which is almost unheard of in other mobile applications.


Instagram advertisement

High traffic from the lead

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn. “Instagram” user information is highly visible and self-contained within the app. There are very few links to external content, which provide live marketing with no point in driving high volume traffic to a third-party site. Instagram allows marketers to work on this by allowing links to ads.

Instagram – Useful tips for successful Ad campaigns

Whether you are an experienced Instagram advertiser or running your first campaign. we have identified the following best ways/tips to help you get the most out of Instagram.

1. Retarget Using offline data

The AdRoll platform allows advertisers to upload customer lists and make segments. based on information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

AdRoll lets you have a list of potential, Customers from platforms like MailChimp and Marketo’s target audiences on Instagram. Vendors can use this list to create items such as loyalty campaigns that offer long-term customers special discounts and deals.


Instagram Ad specs


2. Reuse your top-performing Ads from Facebook

While art photos work well, don’t be afraid to use your best Facebook ads on Instagram. Generally, any ads that hit your performance indicators (KPIs) on Facebook will also work well on Instagram.

3. Segment audience

We recommend using your existing AdRoll segments, to target customers across the entire marketing funnel. This will allow you to serve general awareness ads to new customers and offer discounts to loyal customers.
The audience segment even further with dynamic creative to serve ads to your customers based on the specific products they’ve viewed.


4. Use Adroll

Another way to make sure you identify the right user with the right product is to use the powerful AdRoll ads on Instagram.

Powerful advertising automatically works for relevant product images based on their browsing history, and shopping behavior.
Strong AdRoll ads have been shown to work better than standing ads. with a 150% increase in per click rate (CTR) and a reduction in per acquisition cost (CPA) by 50%.

6. Review your return on investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) will drop dramatically from hour to hour even today. You can get in-depth performance analysis from your AdRoll platform. and we recommend you check out your weekly dashboard to get a feel for your campaign.
Just go through the video tutorial of Instagram Ads.




7. Provide special discounts and offers

Use the platforms from Facebook to Instagram. Use Instagram to offer special discounts. and provide powerful AdRoll ads on Instagram Performance Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram.
Something like loyalty campaigns or special discounts to drive more sales on your company’s site. 70% of Instagram users want a product and more than 40% say they follow or will follow, product access to exclusive offers.

8. Make use of location tagging and hashtags

Entice your audience to interact with your product by using more tools and whistles provided by Instagram. Studies have shown that 88% of product posts include at least one hashtag and location tag these posts get more than 13% more links. Additionally, product posts with local tags receive 79% higher engagement than exports.


Instagram hashtags


9. Add Call to action (CTA)

Nothing ends up selling faster than creating confusion for your customers. Help guide them with the eight Instagram CTA buttons: Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Buy Now, Subscribe, View More, and, soon, Donate More. Using CTA buttons will help you drive customers to take action and close sales.

10. Don’t over filter audience

Avoid reducing your audience too much until you learn how Instagram users interact with your product. We recommend using your existing AdRoll segments to target customers across the channel. This will allow you to offer general awareness ads to new customers and offer discounts to loyal customers. Over filtering the audience affects the efficiency of the Ad.


It’s vital to investigate your further digital program and choose whether Instagram is correct for your audience or not. From there, it’s time to arrange. Instagram conjointly jumps on board to assist advertisers. look into their Instagram Business journal.
These tips and tricks can assist you in coming up with stages. yet force yourself to be inventive and support otherwise. need to make compelling content and refuse to accept the assumption that what others have exhausted in the past ought to be perennial.
Hope! find this article helpful. Don’t forget to comment and discuss in the comment section below. Also, do suggest any topic to be covered on the blog. Thank you.


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