Understanding your target audience is key to a successful advertising campaign. First, marketers build an image of their own customers based on their own experience and expectations. Next, they can use tool-look-alike targeting‌, which allows them to reach the target audience efficiently and cost-effectively.

A lookalike audience on Facebook Ads or other social media platforms helps you to advertise to people who look and act like your target audience. It works through a combination of machine learning algorithms, audience data of your choice, and intelligent modeling algorithms. This leads to consumer behavior patterns. These people have similar habits and preferences, they buy clothes from the same online store and have the same phone model. Of fact, they may be thousands of miles apart in real life, but their paths meet every day in the virtual world.

The advantages of a Facebook Lookalike Audience

  • This will narrow the reach of your target audience
  • This increases the CTR fivefold and doubles the conversion rate
  • Reduces the cost of non-targeted clicks and visits
  • Updated in real-time, thanks to machine-learning capabilities
  • As you can see, looking identical is a powerful tool in the hands of a well-known campaign manager. However, if you are not the

Lookalike audience Facebook


If You are a Facebook advertiser, here are some tips to help you get the most out of Look‌like Audience:

1% is optimum

When working with a Lookalike audience on FB advertising, when you choose the percentage level, we recommend starting with a 1% similar audience. The 1% similarity option helps you find the first 1% of people who look like your actual audience. It’s a very contextual audience, but Reach is clearly short.

Update source data of your audience

The longer you use Your regular customer list, the more it loses its effectiveness. Obviously, they are now aware of your offerings. The best part is uploading new customer lists regularly and creating an audience with a new lookalike on Facebook.

Test different audience types

Not all customers on your original list have the same features. It is a good idea to create different lists of customers to get accurate results. Also, test different audience types – no two audiences do the same. You can try the Upload List of Website Audience vs. Contacts to find out what works best.

Just go through the video below explaining the new approach to the lookalike audience on Facebook.



Steps to configure lookalike audience in Facebook

Step 1: Go to Audience from Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 2: Click on Create Audience and select Lookalike Audience.

Step 3: Select your source audience. Remember, be it customer information, pixel or app data or the custom audience you create from your fans page.

Note: Your source audience must be at least 100 from a single country.

Step 4: Select the countries or regions you want to target. The countries you select will determine where people are in your local audience and the geo-filter will be added to your local audience.

Note: Your source should not contain anyone from the country you don’t want to target.

Step 5: Select the audience size you want. Size is expressed on a scale of 1-10. Smaller numbers have higher parallelism and larger numbers have higher accessibility. Facebook estimates the size you choose.

Note: It may take six to 24 hours for your lookalike audience to expire, but you can still pursue ad creation.

Step 6: Create your ad. if your audience is ready and lookalike, then go to Ads Manager, Tools, and then click on Audience. select it and click Create Ad.


Facebook lookalike Audience


Potential sources of lookalike audience on Facebook

  • Customer File – Upload Customer Email Addresses.

  • Website Traffic – People who visit or take specific action on your website.

  • App Activity – People who have initiated or created an activity in your app.

  • Offline Activity – People who have called, visited or spoken to your business through any other offline channel.

  • Engagement – People who are engaged with your business on Facebook or Instagram

For example, if you choose to generate your viewing audience through website traffic, do not include users who only visited your homepage. Instead, source your lookalike audience from high-value pages or people filling out forms.; This leads to a smaller subset of similar Facebook users, who are more deserving of exposure.


If you use Facebook ads, you must use Lookalike Audience. It’s that easy. They are one of the most effective ways to get instant value from Facebook; They give you an instant grip on your competitors.

If you want to skip a portion of the digital marketing that contributes to the Sound approach, instead, focus on introducing your brand to the opportunities of interest at the top of your funnel, applying them to your account today!


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