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The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) represents the marketing community in the United States. It is headquartered in New York City and has another office in Washington, D.C. ANA’s membership includes more than 600 companies with over 25,000 brands, collectively spending over $ 400 billion on marketing communications and advertising.

In a mid-2018 joint statement with the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), it aims to be the largest trading community in the US to “complete by July 1, 2018” and “serve all dedicated topics. Marketing” has not materialized by the estimated date. To the 1999 Advertising Age Opinion page “Who Gets What’s ANA Campaign to List Stores?” “Does the agency provide membership time in ANA?

Early History of The Association of National Advertisers (ANA)



Association of National Advertisers, Inc., U.S. The oldest trade association in the advertising industry was founded on June 24, 1910, in Detroit, Michigan by 45 companies. Founding members include Burroughs Edging Machine Company, Glidden Varnish Company, Massey Company, Sherwin-Williams, and National Lead Company. Originally known as the Association of National Advertising Managers, the association officially adopted its current name in 1914.

At its inception, ANA’s mission was to foster collaborative relationships between regional and national advertising industries, manufacturers and dealers, and advertisers and agencies. Other issues that advertisers have tried to address are the precise audience measurement and the setting of national standards for measuring advertising results.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations was established in 1914 to verify publication circulation statistics and track media rates. Twenty years later the Traffic Audit Bureau was created to effectively measure external media. Affirmative disclosure.

The Advertising Research Foundation – the spin-off of the ANA Committee – came into existence in 1936 with the aim of maximizing the impact of marketing and advertising communications through advertising, marketing, and media research. The War Advertising Council was formed in 1942 to promote the sale of war bonds, which later became the Advertising Council to work on other public service issues.

The year 1950–1999

In 1963 the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) helped establish the Joint Policy Committee for Broadcast Talent Union Relations (JPC), which entered into agreements with the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and the American Federation of Musicians.


Association of national advertisers


The effectiveness of advertising is maintained only by responsible advertising and works closely with the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for the purpose of industry self-regulation regarding ANA, AAAA, honesty, passion, and social responsibility matters. And BBB National Programs The National Advertising Review Board (NARB) was established in 1971. NARB serves as the Board of Appeal for the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the BBB National Programs. *** Examines issues of honesty and accuracy and passion or social responsibility in statements addressed by NARB. In 1986 the ANA, AAAA, and AAF formed the State Advertising Alliance to oversee state legislative and regulatory issues that posed a threat to advertising. Then, in 1988, ANA formed the Advertising Tax Alliance, along with other industry trade unions, to counter the federal advertising tax proposals. Learn about Advertorial

ANA has been the basis of many studies and has helped to develop advertising measurement systems since its inception: from the Crossley rating system developed in the 1930s to the recently introduced national standards for measuring radio audiences by ad-ID. It assigns a unique and permanent code to each ad with a 360-degree application.

The Family Friendly Programming Forum, a member initiative initiated in 1998 with the support of ANA, aims to promote prime-time television programming that can be viewed by the entire family. In addition to providing script development funds and scholarships to students, the Television Family Television Awards are held to recognize outstanding family events while working on family-friendly programming.

ANA more recently

Developed by ANA and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Ad-ID is a web-based system that is available 24/7 worldwide, generating a unique identification code for each advertising property and identifying them across all media. Probability is born. Using Ad-ID and promoting the use of its web services greatly enhances the workflow between the agency, the advertiser, the distributor, and the media.

Ad-ID upgrades the previous ISCI commercial coding system and replaces other methods used to identify advertising features. Ad-ID is the industry standard identifier for all related types of media. Learn about Ad inventory.

In 2014, ANA acquired:

(May): The Brand Activation Association was founded in 1911
(October): Founder of Business Marketing Association, Marketing.com, founded in 1922.

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