There are almost two billion websites on earth and that number is growing by the second. You have unlimited options when building your own website. Fortunately, you can get your dream website with WordPress even on a low budget.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system or CMS. CMS allows you to easily build your website on a user-friendly online platform by streamlining your site design and content. WordPress comes in two forms, and is a completely free online platform hosted by WordPress. However, as a WordPress host, your site is very limited when it comes to customization. is also free to use, but it has two major differences from With, WordPress does not host your site. This means you have to pay for a host like Bluehost or Hostgator, which costs $ 60 per year. also allows you to customize your website to your heart’s content. It is a recommended choice for businesses and brands. You pay a small fee for the hosting fee, but you have the ultimate freedom to maintain your website.

The 10 Reasons to Build Your website on WordPress CMS


Why use WordPress


WordPress is an easy and popular option for creating a website. Companies of all sizes and industries use this CMS. But is WordPress really worth all the hype? Why not go with other CMS providers like Squarespace?

Here are the top ten reasons why WordPress wins overall CMS alternatives.

1. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Search engines like Google prefer WordPress to build their website in WordPress because it uses well-written code. If you want to get started with search engine optimization, WordPress is the way to go to your website and/or blog. When I’ve on topic, adding fresh relevant content to your website is easy with WordPress, which is highly recommended as part of your online marketing strategy because it lets search engines know that your site is alive and well. From this your website ranks and the chances of being found through organic searches.

2. WordPress has cheap premium themes

Themes give WordPress its design, which connects the CMS to the end-user. WordPress is very simple and convenient. Although there are some good free themes, I found good premium themes worth every penny for $ 70 bucks. Most do not require customization!

3. Plugins Make it easier to find WordPress solutions

Plugins are basically add-ons that can be easily installed in the WordPress dashboard area to add features that are not part of the core code. If you need a specific feature or built-in features, there are literally thousands of plugins available to extend the functionality of WordPress. In almost every case there is an already developed solution for what you need – the possibilities are literally limitless!

4. User friendly

You do not need to have coding knowledge to use WordPress. Of course, some knowledge of computers and the Internet is required, but you do not need to know much about PHP to set up your site. WordPress is designed to be quick to install and manage with zero headaches.

Want to put together a page or blog? Just use the text editor. WordPress Text Editor is designed to act as a Word document. Easily customize your theme in the Appearance tab to add more details in a clear, easy way. You can also download the Drag and Drop Page Builder for ultimate convenience. Try paid plugins like Elegant Themes to create great web pages with zero code.

5. Massive support community


10 reasons to use WordPress


Millions of people use WordPress. If you have problems with your site, check out their free forums. You can read previous threads or get free answers to your questions from WordPress experts. If you can not find what you want in the forum, you can also check with your theme or plugin creator. If in doubt, there are thousands of WordPress tutorials on YouTube.

6. WordPress is flexible

As I mentioned above, one of the great things about WordPress is that it is completely open-source – which means that the source code used to run WordPress is available to most people. Everyone on the planet can control the code if needed and further customize WordPress the way they want. Often, this is not necessary.

However, any plugins and issues (templates) built for the platform are also open source in this way! Imagine a global-wide network working together to add more capabilities and functionality to WordPress – the ability to use specific staff or builders to create customizations is no longer limited to you; Because of this, it is a powerful CMS tool equipped to do exactly what you need, it is flexible to customize and clean.

7. WordPress is affordable … it’s loose!

It costs a lot of money to have a custom CMS sophistication that can do the same thing as WordPress; So why not make money with WordPress? Since WordPress is freely available and customizable & really affordable, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Like WordPress, plugins are usually loosely attached. These plugins are usually not highly effective; However, open supply is also right. This method, like WordPress, can be edited if needed.

8. Ideal for marketing

WordPress can help you automate key aspects of your marketing to bring in more customers in less time. Connect to your social media accounts to auto-post new content without pointing a finger. Download a plugin like Simple Page Checker to split your landing pages. Join ConvertKit (service will be called soon) or MailChimp to send forgotten Cart emails automatically.

9. Faster site loading


10 reasons to use WordPress


CMS platforms like WordPress have a reputation for being slower than HTML sites, but it largely depends on what you put into your site. To keep your site fast, choose a fast theme with fewer bells and whistles. Optimize your page load times by minimizing images, caching, and code. For greater speed, use the Content Delivery Network or CDN. A popular option is Cloudflare, which helps you deliver content with shorter lead times.

10. Smart Integration

If you are looking for a site that automatically integrates with third-party tools, do not search beyond WordPress.

For example, use WordPress to set up an eCommerce store with Woocommerce. You can integrate with StudioPress to create a private or paid member community or connect with Salesforce to track your sales pipeline automatically.

The Bottom Line

As a web-building tool, WordPress has cemented its position as one of the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. The reason for its popularity is the amazing features and features that are put through the platform.

Trying to code a website from scratch for a highly personalized experience can be exciting. But why spend time, money, and frustration? If you want a budget-friendly and easy-to-use experience, in the long run, WordPress is where it is.

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