When you go to your mailbox every day, do you have unwanted flyers, postcards, circulars, and other advertisements?

This is called outbound marketing. The spray-and-spray approach that marketers use to spread their message as far as possible. They know that most of their ads will end up in the recycling bin.

Opt-In is a completely different form of email marketing. This is the inbound approach that Seth Godin calls “licensed marketing”. In other words, you are getting your prospect permission to receive communication from your brand.

What do You mean by Opt-In in Email Marketing?

Opt-in email marketing is a collection of email lists that your customers have voluntarily provided you with information. This means that they know you’ve added them to your list and agreed to receive heavy emails, newsletters, or other forms of digital communication from you.

As the laws regarding the collection and use of personal data are constantly changing, it is now wise to use a double opt-in when enhancing your email list.

Double opt-in means that the new subscriber will receive a confirmation email clicking on the link to confirm that they want to join your list.

This method also has the added benefit of ensuring that your list is only created for people who really want to get involved with your email.

Why is Email Opt-In important?


Opt-In email marketing
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In the eyes of potential customers, there are many factors that can be considered spam. These may be emails they do not want, they may be emails they did not expect in their inbox and they may be subscribed to but later decided to opt-out.

Therefore, e-commerce owners need to increase their marketing game to avoid being blacklisted. The good news is that using opt-ins can benefit business marketing in many ways.

Create a mailing list faster:

Opt-in, especially single-opt-in, helps marketers quickly create larger mailing lists. Single opt-in is a one-step process, and opportunities can also be registered from third-party websites.

Assist in tailoring promotional materials tailored to customer interests:

Opportunities When a company chooses to email, the seller is in a better position to assess the type of content each customer enjoys. Learn about cold emails

Increases the open rate:

Most promotional emails go to the trash without ever being opened. But with opt-in, you can enjoy higher open rates of emails sent by the brand.

Make it easy for the buyer to follow:

Sellers can follow customers who have over-selling or cross-selling to make a purchase. On that note, Automation has a convenient feature called 360, which allows online business people to automatically send welcome emails, thank you for emails, and offer discounts on future purchases or customer purchases. Let’s ask for feedback after done.

The Double Opt-In


Double Opt-In email marketing


A double opt-in takes place when the user signs up for the email marketing list, and then the email is sent to the user who has the link to click and confirm the subscription. The user will be officially added to the email marketing list only after the confirmation click is completed. Double opt-in may also be referred to as a verified option. Convertkit v/s Getresponse

By using the double-opt-in authentication method, the chances of spam addresses in the expansion list are greatly reduced. This means that any bot that signs up for your newsletter will not be on your list, which will help you prevent spam traps and protect your sender’s reputation.

Additionally, as this is an additional step for the customer, it can increase interest in the business or topic, leading to a greater engagement for your email marketing strategy and ultimately better results.

Although some marketers are hesitant with the idea that they will lose some customers, anyone who does not want to take the simple step of clicking the link to confirm their membership is not interested in the brand. This means they are less interested in your content, which can lower your metrics and even lead to spam complaints.

Ultimately, fewer spam complaints and more engagement are far more valuable to your brand than a large, but less interesting list.

Spam vs. opt-in email

Spam is a bad word, right? You do not want people to associate it with your brand.

Unfortunately, even if you use opt-in email, your email may still be considered spam. This can happen when you use too much publicity, use sales language, or send too many emails in too little time.

Additionally, if you do not use the selection strategy at all, there is a risk that your email will become a spam folder. If your recipients report your email as spam, their email clients may consider any spam you send. This is the wrong way to start an email marketing campaign.

So what separates spam from opt-in email?

The first is, of course, the permitting factor. When you collect an email address, do you get permission from the person who owns it? In other words, did it come through a form or other email archiving tool? If not, you may not want to use it.

Second, are you clear on what kind of messages the user will receive?

Collecting email addresses via the form is easy if you are promised rainbows and unicorns. Unless you can really deliver rainbows and unicorns, you are acting fraudulently and your customers will receive your game quickly.

When you collect email addresses through the Opt-In Form, be clear about two things:

Email Type: What messages does the customer receive? Mention that you sent in internal tips and tricks, promotions and sales, or other things (but make sure it’s true).

Frequency: How often do customers hear from you? If you promise to email only once a month, but you send an email every day, you will get some feedback.
If you follow those rules, you can separate your email campaign from the word terrible spam.

Keep in mind that black-hat email marketing methods will automatically classify your messages as spam. For example, never buy an email list. This is a useless marketing technique, but it is also unethical and spams. Explore practical email marketing ideas from here.

In addition, do not violate your own rules. If you decide to change the type or frequency of email you send, let your customers know so they can opt-out.

What Is Opt-Out Email?


Opt-In email marketing


Opt-Out Email is a marketing strategy that allows users to opt out of uninteresting email campaigns. This sounds like a bad thing, but an opt-out email does not necessarily have to be negative. In fact, it will further strengthen your email campaign.

There are two main things you can do to help your customers disable your branded email:

When signing up for something else

Suppose you are collecting email addresses from people who want to download a free white paper or from people who buy you another digital product like an eBook. Many entrepreneurs use this opportunity to add those emails to their email marketing list.

This is not a bad strategy, but it can backfire.

Maybe the user wants a free white paper or ebook but is reluctant to receive a sales email. That makes sense. You can at the same time add the option to opt-out of your email list so that you do not have to worry about annoying people or flagging your email as spam.

When sending an email

You should have the “Unsubscribe” option at the end of each email you send. If the user clicks on that button, he or she may stop receiving future emails from you.

Although this is a bit of a sting, it’s better than constantly recognizing your email as spam. If customers know what they want to read and they are not interested in your messages, it is a good idea to allow you to unsubscribe from users.

You do not want users to leave your email list, but it does happen to every entrepreneur. Your message will resonate with some users, but others will not respond positively. He was fine. Focus only on opening your emails and encouraging customers to continue interacting with them.

That’s all hope you find this information helpful. Don’t forget to share and engage in the comment section. Thank You.

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